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The Honey Block: Many Uses

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SaneGamer avatar SaneGamer
Level 33 : Artisan Engineer
The Minecraft honey block is one of the most useful blocks there is in Minecraft.

One use of this block is that since it sticks to most blocks, it can be good to use for a secret entrance. All you have to do is put some pistons a little redstone wiring and you have yourself a redstone entrance using honey blocks.

Second, you could use it as a landing pad for jumping off from a high place. It is great to use since the honey block reduce your fall damage taken by 80% when you land on it.

Third, since the honey block is sticky, you could put this on your wall as a way to get down to a lower. This works because the honey block reduces the speed that you fall when you lean up against it, so all you have to do is lean against the wall of honey and you will get down safely.

Also, honey can be used for a multi-floor elevator. Of course there are videos that show slime being used for elevators, but most people forget that honey can do the same thing. This is helpful because honey is way easier to get than slime blocks. For slime blocks you have to fight and kill multiple slimes just to get one little slime block, but for honey you can just walk up to a bee hive and collect the honey with a bottle although the bees around might try to attack you. But it only takes four honey bottles to get a slime block. To me the honey is easier to get.

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06/17/2020 3:57 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Pokemon
DrownedPound avatar
You can also make an extremely compact elevator in the corner of a room with water, soul sand, and honey blocks.
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