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THe HorizonCity Review - December 22,2014 (updated)

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avatar hooptiecoupe
Level 34 : Artisan Network

December 22,2014

Server Spotlight: CubeCraft


This is a really great Games server to check out.
Stays busy al the time, no lag issues.
Easy navigation setup.

My favorite part about this server is there Creative build world.
Lots of talented builders have visted this server and made amazing designs on there plots.

Each spawn area for every type of game is custom designed to match the 'feel'
of the game.

For instance, the arcade spawn as Giant Aracde machines all around it.
One of them as galaga coming out of it!

These guys really did an amazing job on the server and the setup.
The games are your tradtional hungergames, pvp games, factions, sky wars, spleef, parkour mix. Its really worth your time to check this place out.

Mod Spotlight: Survival Wings


This mod is very simple. It adds a crafting recipes for several diffrent types of wings. Some wings make you fly faster, some slow you down. They modder did a really good balance between durability and what it offers.
The faster wings, require more expensive items and are crazy fast, but...
they dont last that long.

The slower wings, are easy to craft and last forever. but there slow.
Basically, its a nice simple mod that dosnt conflict with other mods that gives you wings. pure and simple.

Drink a Redbull... or use this mod.

Map Spotlight: InfiniteCube


This is one the most fun and annoying parkour maps of all time.
Theres a fun score, the challenge is to see how HIGH you can get your score,
but the problem is that EACH time you enter the game, a new and diffrent Parkour map will generate.

There are 54 Diffrent Parkour maps in all, you never know Which one of those maps you'll get. Some of the clay blocks will give you diffrent effects,
like black clay gives you blindness, or Red Clay... kills you.

Its a very fun map and def. hard to put down. the parkour challenges simple simple at times, and challenging at others.
Def download it and give it a try if you enjoy parkour challenges.

Website Spotlight: www.minecraftnews.net

The primary goal of this website is to be a news hub for the latest information on the minecraft community. Alot of times, you will find news here before
it hits other forums.

There a small community. but the owner does a great job with updates and running a clean and smooth website.
There rules are'nt has strict as most other forums, i have been a part of.
but, they still do a great job of kicking out the spam.

This is a good community to join and take part in. Or maybe even find a new server to hang out on.

Server Plugin Spotlight: PlotSquared


This plugin is a great land protection plugin.
It basically takes the idea of the plotme plugin
and improves on it slightly by allowing players to 'merge' there plots.
Great for Creative based servers.

The only downside is that you will need an MySQL account.
config files for plotme can be transferd over to this plugin really easy
since they both use the same config layout.

Youtuber Spotlight: xbox Lets play with Stampylonghead

If you havent heard of stampy and his crew. They primarly do letsplays
ont he mc xbox360 version.

He talks NON-stop. BUt, he's hiilarous :)
Its hard to Turn it off. so, if you dont plan on sitting down for 22 minutes to watch this video, you prob. dont want to start it. ;)

Got a Map, Mod , server or youtuber you'd like me to spotlight?

Contact me at: [email protected]
or join us at: www.hooptiesworld.com

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