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The Horrid Hotel [Horror]

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avatar wdw4
Level 29 : Expert Taco
The inccident occoured when I was young, really young. We went on a family vacation, I can't hardly remember the vacation, some amusement park or something. All I really remember was the goddamn hotel. We had a room at the very end of the hall on the third floor. I was about twelve, I thought the world was in the palm of my hand. The hotel had darker, more twisted plans. Maybey, it wasn't the hotel, maybey it was some dark and otherworldly force. I dont know, I just know I need it off my chest. The incident started the first time I went anywhere alone in the place. It wouldnt have been creepy on its own, lush carpets decorated in many designs colored with velvet and gold, the softest beds and pillows you could hope to touch, and the thing I set set out for the pool to meet up with my family. I stepped out of the room, swim trunks on and a towel in my hand. I remember very vividly walking down the hallway, whistling a tune, in fact, the exact tune was the super mario brothers theme, I was real big into them. I remember it, cause when I was done, the tune, it... Echoed in my ear. I thought it was just my imagination. I noted my reflection in the window at the opposite end of the hallway, and I finally turned into the room, not to freaked out. But the tune was still in my ears. I called the elevator and I heard the whir as it came down for me, and something else, footsteps. I remember praying to god, I was terrified I'd be abducted. The elevator seemed to take forever, and the soft creak of the floor would notify me ever so often that whoever was behind me was closer. The elevator finally arrived, and I stepped inside. Just as the door began to shut, I saw a shadow begin to come into veiw, but the door shut before it drew any closer. Still, something was bugging me in the elevator, then I realized, the super mario brothers theme I had whistled, was being played through the speakers. Now, a quite a bit unsettled me made it down to the pool area, and me and my family swam for a bit, dried off, then went back to our rom.

    Later in the night, I awoke, unsettled by a dream I'd had. I looked around the room, and as my eyes adjusted, I saw a figure, I assumed it was one of my siblings, and naturally when I saw it dart out the door, I wanted to protect him or her, so I gave chase. Only, I realized to late, once I was halfway down the hallway, I had locked myself out of our room, I turned and glanced back (I didnt want to wake anyone up so thats why I didnt call out) I looked back to continue my pursuit, only to realize the figure was gone. I decided the best course of action was to contact the clerk at the front desk, so I headed to th elevator. Just an odd detail, I didn't notice my reflection this time around, but I would learn later how significant this was. As the elevator descended, I was greeted by an empty lobby, I rang the bell for service, and waited. And waited. And waited. And rang the bell again and again. I finally, fell asleep, terrified and on the floor. I dreamed of meeting myef, at the window at the end of the hall. I awoke when he spoke. "So, how's it feel to be on the other siiiiidddd-d-d-d-d-d-e?" The next morning, there were people everywhere, the clerk who was on duty the previous night walked out, I yelled at her, but no response. I finnaly rushed up to my room, head abuzz, not caring wether I woke anyone up or not. I finnally arrived back at the room, I saw a figure, abou my height, wearing the same clothes I was, same hair collor etc. He-- It turned and faced me, it was exactly like me. "Oh, I'm sorry. You can go back now." it said, "We don'tneed you anymore." I thought I was dreaming, hallucinating, something logical. The fact is that there wasn't. Now, to you you migh not be so scared, but that hotel, the thing, the being, it... My six year old sisters body was found dead, frothing at the mouth underneath the damn window. But, my sister is still alive, I saw her in a dream... On the other side of the window, pounding on the glass.

It all happend, in That Horrid Hotel.

Hey guys, and thank you for reading this blog. Its been a wild ride as a writer, before I finally found out what generes I was halfway decent at. I write humor and horror mainly, though I dont put my humor here (Hey, let me know if thats something you guys would be intrested in). Im curently prepping for my 50 subscriber celebration, with my first ever contest, oh yeah, you can enter that HERE. Im debating what I should do for my 50 subscriber special, I need you guy's opinions in the comments, would you rather see me do a "How I got to this point" which will bring you more up to speed on whats happening in my life and why storys might not come out as fast as you like. Option number two is "how to horrify" which will mainly be me talking about how I look at horror and the diffrent types, etc.

In closing, I would like to give you good reasons to diamond, favorite and subscribe to me. If you diamond, it will help this blog get on the front page, therefore helping me overallin my career as a writer (Oh yeah, PM me if you have any writing requests). Favorite so you don't forget about this blog later on, so you can share it with your friends. Subscribe so you can get more of my storys, and so you don't miss the launch of "The Faun King" wich I fully expect to be one of the greatest writings I have ever done, and not to pride myself (Oh no, Im toatally priding myself here), I'd go so far as to say one of the greatest horror story's PMC has seen up to date.

With love and tender care--
Lol jk, with bombs and AK-47's and swords, ~ Wade Wayne
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