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I was walking slowly through the thick forest it was night and who knew what mobs might be lurking about.
Strangely though all was silent not a mod in sight however as I walked I began to get the strangest feeling that something was just wrong. Then in front of me I saw a half concealed stone marker as I crouched to get a better look I noticed a trapdoor and a ladder leading down,suddenly on impulse as if being guided by an invisible hand I opened the trapdoor and went down closing it behind me. When I reached the ground I took in the room around me. It was a small room made of cobblestone lit weakly by a single slowly dying torch in the corner there was a bed and chest and on the opposite side a map.
I went and looked at the map it showed the forest I was in and ahead farther on my destination the old woodland mansion.
It was then that I noticed the note I picked it up and began to read little did I know how wise that was.
The note said "To whoever finds this note,if you are reading this then I am almost certainly dead and if you're on the path to the woodland mansion then you must turn back now! Please do not disregard these words for your life depends on them in the chest you will find a book please read it as fast as possible then when the morning comes if you can leave this forest as fast as possible.
You see you're not alone a creature lives in that mansion and hunts in this forest,hurry the book will explain everything!
Sincerely, Sir Alexander Grey."
Upon reading the note I felt a shiver run down my spine was this the ravings of a deranged man or something more?
I turned to the chest and opened it finding inside some torches,apples,carrots,and a leather bound book titled Journey 19.
I then proceeded to take the book and open it reading from the beginning.
“Dear journal this is to be my fifth exploratory trip into the forests surrounding the mountain of Alb I now come in search of the infamous mansion of which stories have been going around in the local villages of it being inhabited by a monster who steals away and eats the children. Alarmingly enough it appears a large number of children have recently disappeared and the parents have been becoming increasingly worried not only that but now it appears some of local farmers living close to the woodline have disappeared as well. I have made the decision to find this monster and end it. I will write again when I have made progress.”
I then flipped to the next entry.
“Dear Journal this is my second entry and I feel good to report that I have made progress after asking around I found a cartographer who claimed to have once seen the mansion and to have a map. At first when I met him I was somewhat skeptical but he showed me the map and I found the geographic details of some of the region to be so accurate that it simply could not be fake after seeing this I said that I would buy it. It was then that he looked up and said,”While I need the emerald shillings I just can't go without warning you that place might not look like much but something evil lives there the mansions where it lives.”
I asked have you seen it?He said,”once when it took my neighbor while we were exploring the woods…” At that he zoned out at which point seeing I wouldn't be able to get anymore information from him that I paid for the map and left.
This concludes this entry and I will write again when I have made progress.”
Then I read the next entry.
“Dear Journal I have once more made great progress albeit at a terrible cost and here the most thus far, I have found the mansion.
After following the map while riding on horse I spotted the mansion in the distance right where the map said it would be I then proceeded to dismount secure my horse behind some foliage and slowly make my way towards the mansion.
Upon reaching the left side of the building I began to peak in the windows until I reached the right seeing nothing inside aside except for hallway lined with a series of doorways and a set of stairs leading up to the second floor.
Seeing that the coast seemed to be clear I took a chance and went in. I all too soon regretted my decision as my nose was hit with the smell of dead flesh I was stunned as the horrible scent brought home the horror of the beast I intended to face.
Fighting through the smell I began to search from room to room and while most of the rooms I searched were fairly mundane I also found some rooms of dire and sadistic purpose within the innermost part. The first room had a Dark Oak wood door but behind it was a scene that can not be forgotten, what I saw was a large narrow room that appeared to act as a cross between a operating room,a butcher's shop,and potion room it was three blocks tall. On one side I saw a Line of Beds with a one block gap between each one as well as the walls. They numbered five, four of which upon examination were revealed to bear bodies three children and one adult while the fifth was empty except for the presence of a pool of blood that appeared to be fresh. All corpses had been cut upon with surgical precision the children had been neatly dissected with their meat and organs removed leaving merely the traces and residues of the different systems along with skin and bone. While the man his demise looked to have been anything but painless it looked as if he had once been a large man but had clearly lost a good deal of weight rather quickly and in a most unpleasant manner.
His abdomen had been cut open and some fat was clearly missing forming a large cavity that was lined with a waxy substance and surprising clean aside from the blood. Some of his organs were missing were the wax cavity extended farther into the body those areas had been smudged in places by a fine black substance. I turned away from the bodies and looked towards the opposite side of the room. There I saw lined up against the wall three brewing stands two of which were in use. I only recognized the potion being made by the third stand it was clearly a potion of healing and there were two others already made. I also noticed that in the far corner of the room there lied four furnaces stacked in a two by two format and there were also three cauldrons one of which was filled with the potion of healing other two containing unknown substances. After seeing this I decided to take the potion of healing at the back of the brewing stand. I then proceeded to move move to the back of the room there I saw a spruce wood door. Not knowing what might lie behind I door I decided to try listening at the door for a few seconds before entering which I then proceeded to do.

Upon entering the next room I found the sight be rather mild compared to one I had just left. I was in a small rectangular room that measured six wide seven long and three blocks tall. Set in the middle of the room was another bed like the ones I saw in the last room the sheets had been stained red with fresh blood and lying in the bed unconscious was a large man who appeared to have recently been operated on recently clearly one of the missing villagers. I decided that I would continue to explore until the victim regained consciousness so I then proceeded to examine the room I was in. In one corner of the room there lied a crafting table and in the opposite corner there lied a furnace with an anvil sitting next to it and embedded in the wall at the back of the room were alcoves containing chests and finally resting in the left wall was another spruce door. Curious I decided to try checking the chests first but found them to have been locked shut so I went ahead and entered the next and final room. What I found appeared to be a fine bedroom with a large bed a wall that was lined from floor to ceiling with bookshelves and on the opposite wall a detailed map of the forest and surrounding regions the floor was that of a polished stone while the ceiling was lit with redstone lamps and in the corner of the room there was a desk made with Dark Oak wood and resting there underneath was a chest. I went over to the desk and opened the chest underneath it inside I found various writing tools,paper,and a leather bound book titled the Grimoire of The Dying Womb. Upon reading the title I backed away as I came to a terrible realization the monster and it’s victims this was all clearly the work of some foul sorcerer. It was then that I heard a moaning coming from the room I had just left the man was waking up.I ran into the room as fast as I could there I saw him begin to stir moaning as he sat up his eyes squinted they adjusted to the light. He then looked around and said Where am I? Who are you and why am I here!? I said the monster took you here and I’m here to rescue you now get up! He tried getting up but grimaced in pain as he fell back into the bed. It hurts! he said. I helped him up and he grunted in pain kneeling over as he said I don’t feel to good. Don’t worry we’ll get help once we reach the village. I helped him out of the room and as I did I told him to look away from the bodies and I helped him along until he began to regain his footing. What’s your name? I asked. “Richard.” he said. Well Richard nice to meet you I’m Alexander but you call me Alex. I said.“Okay thanks for helping me but what about the others?” Richard I’m sorry but they're gone I couldn’t help them. ”It can’t be it just can’t be! I don’t believe you!” I’m sorry but look around. He did and then promptly began vomiting when he was done he looked at me his eyes full of tears and asked “Why?”. I’m sorry I couldn’t get here in time they were like this when I found them.”But why? Why couldn’t it have been me instead?” he asked. I’m sorry you must have known them well. I said. “Yes,he said,That one's my niece she didn’t deserve this you know.“None of them did, I said,but we need to get moving incase the creature that did this comes back. We started walking again working our way towards the buildings exit. We were silent until we reached the exit where he said,”Promise me you’ll kill that monster.” I said,I promise. He nodded and we left the building once more silent. I then helped him onto my horse before mounting it and we began moving. As we rode through the woods I noticed that despite the fact that it was dark there were no mobs present and I couldn’t help but worry as I thought about why that was. Was the fiend just so foal that the mobs on some level felt an innate sense of wrong? We had finally reached the edge of the forest when I said,You go on ahead and enter the village I’m going back to make sure this creature doesn't hurt anyone ever again.

Understanding he got off and without a word began slowly walking towards the village.
I then rode back into the forest where I setup my hidden camp in preparation for a confrontation with the monster the very camp where you found this book. Now you understand if you are reading this I am most likely dead and you are in danger please heed my warnings and tell others. This is likely my last work I leave here the coordinates of my last will and testament 900,20,600. Thank you for reading this,Sincerely Sir Alexander Gray.” I closed the book and got up from where I had decided to sit while reading it was dawn now so I packed up the contents of the chest and began climbing the ladder back up to the surface once more being careful with the door and as quickly and as silently as I could I exited the forest where I had entered. I later stopped by the local inn where I was staying and asked if anyone knew of this Sir Alexander my question was answered by a man who claimed to be a cartographer and to have met him. And as we talked he confirmed that what I had read was in fact truth. After that I packed up my things and left that town with no intent of returning. And I can only hope that the beast was slain regardless though I told those I met the story I had read and asked them to spread the word as well after all you can never be too careful. It is here that I conclude this journal entry signing out,Alan H Quill.
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