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The Importance of Language Mechanics - My English Essay from 7th Grade

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The Importance of Language Mechanics

The importance of punctuation, capitalization, and any sentence rules which are displayed in English today should be recognized.
It wasn’t always like this. Where we had computers to type on, that fixed our grammar mistakes. In fact, there was no internet at all, a long, long time ago (not actually that long ago).
English derived from languages that didn’t use punctuation at all.
Did you know that the English dictionary has an estimate of 615,000 word entries?
English used to have different spellings for lots and lots of words.
Here’s an example:
What used to be spelled Hwat
Wherever used to be spelled Hwerever
Quite used to be spelled Cwite
Quickly used to be spelled as Cwickly.
You spell and pronounce words totally different today, than people did before.
Old Norse had a deep influence on English which helped simplify the syntax (sentence formation) and morphology (word formation) of our language.
English is an analytical (relating to or using analysis or logical reasoning) language, which means word order is more important than a lot of other problems.
Inflection for example is less important than word order.
Here’s an example:
likes, Sarah, me
(Hopefully) You arranged the sentence as: Sarah likes me.
That’s an inflection. Now, let’s swap some words around.
How about, “I like Sarah.”
We changed “likes” to “like”. We also changed “Me” to “I”. Then we moved the sentence order around. Which turned out as,
“I like Sarah.”
Now it turns out YOU like Sarah. Instead of her liking you.
I hope I explained that alright.
Good for you, you like Sarah.
Let’s act like we’re in old times. We’re speaking a different language. Ancient Greek, let’s say.
(Not like these words were in that language)
You have to write a letter to your grandpa. So, you casually say in the letter,
“i would rather eat grandpa”
(Because in a letter you really do talk about food a lot)
Oh no. You have to eat Grandpa now. That is a big problem.
If you sent the letter, your Grandpa would be scarred for life, thinking you would want to eat him.
You would probably have to sort the whole thing out with your Grandpa later, but just using a comma makes everything easier. Doesn’t it? That is why it’s so much better having punctuation, and capitalization in English today.
(I hope you got stuff out of this, and enjoyed reading! :])

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11/28/2017 8:47 am
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DanJustin avatar
Yeah pretty nice essay. I remember my school days when i need to do such tasks. But now at university when you need many researchs in your project it's hard task. Last time for my diplom I ordered calculations at write my paper that was nice work and i got B
12/04/2015 4:43 am
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WhoIsThis avatar
Punctuation saves lives! Nice essay!
12/04/2015 4:42 pm
Level 42 : Master Fox
-Mage- avatar
Heh. Thanks. ^~^ I saw it in an old folder on my laptop after about two years.
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