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The Lakesi Mansion Raid: A Minecraft Story

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The Lakesi Mansion Raid: A Minecraft Story

NOTE: This is a story based off a world I played with my friend FoxridgeE9. The events of the story happened in game.

  For a long time, I was allied with the Illagers. I had just recently moved out to a vast and open area with numerous small ponds, and I made a hasty and quite foolish decision to build my new mansion and village there. I never considered defense against attacks, but then again, why would I need to worry about being attacked? We were raiders, not victims. Or so I thought. Things were always like this. The Illagers were outcasts. We were crazy and some would even call us sociopaths, and for this, we've been taught to raid for generations and generations. It even got to a point where some Illagers didn't even know why they were even raiding, and my mansion was no different. We were beginning to question why we raided villages. It was a time of change, a revolution. We even had a library with more than enough propaganda books covering topics from the long-term effects of totems of undying, to the benefits and downsides of advancing weapons, and even extending as to cover why we raid. These books questioned the standards and customs that we followed since the dawn of the Illager alignment. Back then, it was one alignment, but now there are several Illager alignments, and my mansion was just a drop of water in an endless sea of alignments. Now, back to the thing about us wandering why we raid. It was the dawn of a revolution, but the thing about revolutions is that you don't know that you are in a revolution until the revolution has already happened.

It was great that we were changing, but as unaware that everyone part of the Lakesi Alignment, myself included, was that we were in the dawn of a revolution, we were even less aware that the Villagers were at the dawn of their own revolution as well.

I should've known that something big was about to happen when he showed up. He wore a set of powerful armor, mounted on a sturdy steed. He had crates of who knows what, and he was coming towards the mansion. He set up tents and towers. Wooden towers that were built right next to the wall. I should've been more prepared...


I will add more on here.

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