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The Legend of Herobrine and Enirboreh

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Level 43 : Master Ranger
As Steve woke up, he noticed a large hole in his roof and the door gone and a figure running with it. Another figure was helping fix the hole in the roof. He looked at the figure that was fixing it. Above his head, it said, "Enirboreh" and he was wearing a white suit and had a normal head. A message popped up. <Enirboreh> My brother, Herobrine, is running away with YOUR door! We must stop him! Steve then typed a message. <Steve> HEROBRINE????? (Here are more messages) <Enirboreh> Yeah. I know. We must get him! <Herobrine> Mrrrrg! <Steve> Lets GO! <Enirboreh> Ok! (End of messages for a bit) Anyway, Steve followed Enir to a small village that looked like it was made in the BCs. It had stone covered with moss, and the houses were destroyed. Steve pulled away a vine and say a tattered sign saying: Go back! In this vil-. At "vil" the sign was cut off. <Enirboreh> Yeah, weve been trying to figure that out for ages. After Enir said that, they heard a LOUD zombie sound. Enir stepped on a button and he fell into a hole. Steve ran away. It is said that Enirboreh wears a white cloak and looks to hunt his brother.
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