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The Legend of Heroes. [Chapter 3 Short Story in parts]

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Hello and thanks for reading!
If you hadn't read Chapters 1-2 Check it out in the link below!

Night falls, So do we.
I awoke to the sound of shrieks of pain. Bolting upright from my bed, I ran over to my window and moved the shutters, trying to get a glimpse of what was happening. I saw something that had horrified my eyes. Buildings on fire, people being grabbed and carried like wheat sacks. They were lining everybody up. I knew what was going to happen next. I ducked down ignoring the next few seconds. As horrible thoughts filled my head, I heard somebody trying to open my door. I ran over to my furnaces and grabbed a cooking stick. The door was now being knocked down, bang.....stop......bang.....stop....... I knew that I couldn't stay here, looking around and judging my options, I choose to smash open my glass window. Timing it right, I smashed open the window to the beat of the bangs, so they couldn't hear me. Eventually I smashed though and just in time as Zombie Pigman ran though into my house looking for me. I knew I had to find Yuri as fast as I could. The last I heard of him he was up in the signalerhouse. I tucked away the stick and started to sneak around. I went up the hill careful not to make to much of a noise. As the crunched of every step follow me, so did the Pigmen. I made it up to the hill with seconds to spare before the Pigmen saw me. I ran upstairs to find Yuri laying against the wall. I came running to his aid trying to stop his bleeding. "Ch.....Chase" he said, taking gobs for air. "Yuri." I said back. "No." Tears ran down my cheeks. "Ch...Chase....Listen......take my sword....and always know......you were like a son to me.....". He layed still on the floor. Not moving. I only heard the crackling of fire. I stood there. Doing nothing. Looking down at his body. Hated and pain filled my body. Anger hotter than the nether ran though my mind. I slowly bent down and picked up his sword. I ran out the back entrance of house, away from it all. i ran to a nearby hill where I watched the buildings fall and burn. I knew what I had to do now. And nothing was going to stop me.

Thanks for reading my story, CHAPTER 3 YEAH!
I'm kinda thinking that it was a little to dark, so let me know if I should turn up the lights abit. ;3
I would highly LOVE IT if you could leave your opinion down below in the comments and Diamond UP!
my story. Next part will be coming soon The Legend of Heroes [Chapters 4-6]
Once again thanks for the support (even if I didn't get any xD) and I hope
you have a wonderful day (Or night, Derp) - Mayz

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