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The Legend Of Heroes: CHAPTERs 1-2

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Mayz avatar Mayz
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Hello and thank you all for reading my story!

A Heroes Tale

Once in the Realm Of Minecraftia, Heroes roamed the blocks, fighting evil and helping the
people but you can't live forever, the heroes died out and no one was willing to step up and take their place. When the last hero time came (death), he spoke of heroes rising once more to rid the land of evil and to fight the greatest evil the land had ever seen. Citizens Of Minecraftia still believe what was said so long ago is still true, Others say the heros were false and that the people will have to take up the fight themselves.
But where Evil stands, Good will rise to match it.........

I shut the covers of the book, brushing off the dust from all the woodcutting.
"The story of heroes don't tell me you believe that stuff"
I Looked up to see my boss, Yuri, staring down on me.
"No of coarse not, well maybe" I Replied.
" Well let me just say that book was written nearly 300 years ago, so don't count on some fake heroes saving us, isn't that right boys?"
I covered my ears.
"YEAH!" Yelled basically everyone in the forest.
"GET BACK TO WORK!!!" Shouted Yuri as instantly, every able-man started to chop and load the wood as fast as they could.
"Anyway, your brakes over Chase, so stop being lazy and start chopping!"
Handing me a iron axe, i walked over to the first tree that wasn't being chopped down already and started to hack away.

Chase Samuel Reaper

Chase Samuel Reaper was always odd when he was little, he would always rant on about heroes
and monsters. The caretaker always used to punish Chase if he would ever go on and the other
kids teased him about his beliefs, most people thought he was crazy due to being an orphan
but Chase never cared about what they would say, he just kept wishing and waiting that one day he would run away and be a hero. when chase finally turned 15 he ran away to a place that he heard in the book called The Story Of Heroes. The Place Was Called Heroes Valley, due to the guild where fighters of all kinds came and learned. Chase Spent 6 months walking there when he stopped at a small town on the outer cliffs of the valley where they offered him a job and from there Chase. Chase always thought that his life was going to be normal until now.........

Please leave feedback and i know its bad so try not to point that out again XD
thanks for reading!

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02/17/2012 1:04 am
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I like it so far :)
mind checking my story out?
Theres 3 so far :)
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