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The life of a pig

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Chikerenaham avatar Chikerenaham
Level 35 : Artisan Crafter
Day 1

This is the first time I actually remembered something in my life. I was lying beside my friends, drinking some fresh water. We were having fun as we tackled each other and knocked ourselves down, but it did not last long. Some creatures with 2 legs and 2 hands and are 4 times higher than our larger pigs came to us. They started to whack us with a long stick with hay tied to one end. I got one nasty whack on my head while those tall creatures started to laugh at us "Run piggies, run stupid idiot pigs! Do you even know what to do except eating and sleeping? Us human beings are to smart for you!" We ran to a corner where the stick could not reach us where we whimpered in fear. At least we know what are these creatures species name are: Humans. We mostly just stayed in the corner and did not sleep through the night, afraid that humans will come at us and whack us again.

Day 2

We started to walk around in our tiny little square, occasionally oinking to the pigs across us in the square, who are all adults piggies. They have quite a large amount of wisdom stored. They told us interesting stories of pig heroes who survived and escaped from a horrible place that they were about to go to. We asked what and where is that place, the elders simply just smiled and said "It will be too horrible for you"

Day 3

I am starting to get sick of this little square, the horrible human beings aren't letting us out and we already covered up every inch of our square with droppings, yet the human beings just hold their nose and threw rocks at us from time to time. I asked the elders what to do, they just smiled at me and said "If you want to know how did we live this long, simply be skinny and unhealthy in human beings eye," I asked why, they didn't reply me.

Day 4

I am hating every bit of this place now, the human beings are now treating us worse than ever. O, how I wished I can just be big and fat and powerful and charge through the planks that the wall was made from. I told the elders the wish to escape this hell in earth, that I would prefer to go to the place the brave pigs escaped from. Their faces went pale and went as white as moonlight. They shouted back to me almost at my own will "Don't, this is heaven compared to the place where few of us pigs run away!"

Day 4 - Night

I woke up to the smell of droppings, I lifted my head up realized it was dark, so it was not dawn yet. I sighed and paced around my square, avoiding stepping on my friends. I leaned against the wall and sighed again. I then heard a creaking sound, I thought the owner of this place was coming! I immediately pretended I was asleep, only to realized there was no one. I leaned against the wall again, and I heard another creaking sound! I turned around and looked back, hoping I would see what I want to see. and I got my wish, it was a lose wooden plank! I oinked with excitement, nobody knows, that tomorrow, at dusk, I will leave my tiny stinking little square, going to leave hell in earth.

                                                                                    -To Be Continued-

Yes, I know this story might sound bad :P

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