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The Life of a Zombie

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avatar Hailiuss
Level 19 : Journeyman Goblin

Drip...Drip...Drip. That was the sound of the wet stone blocks above Frank's head. Frank a zombie. Although he was diffrent. He was good. He saved miners and explorers from the explosions of creepers and the bites of other, nasty, zombies. Frank sat up on his cold, stone bed. It was in a room he found. There was a spawn block, he broke it. The reason he broke the block was that his evil brethren got terribly annoying. He went over to the chest in the corner. He grabbed a sword and some armor, which he put on. He then grabbed a pickaxe and headed out into the mine. He opened his wooden door and shut it quietly. He tiptoed across the edge of the ravine. He didn't want to loose balance or startle anyone. He continued until he found a small waterfall. He swam down it. At the bottom he collected cobblestone, while watching for bypassers. He gathered three 64 dtacks of cobblestone blocks and stacked up. He reached land, Luckily it was night. He was going to fight the evil doing zombies, Creepers and other monsters. For this, was Franks job. A monster exterminator if you will. But in the distance was something; And it was over powered.

Part 2
In the distance, was a monster army, preparing to raid, greif and kill all in the town....Frank needed to help the villagers, if doing so they would kill him before he could break the news....He wrote a note in a book with his quill....The monsters are coming, in a large army....Save yourselfs, protect your young, prepare for the battle....Good luck.... Read the note. The wind carried the note to the village, Frank could see one villager read it and telling the others. An hour or so passed and they were prepared....A wise farmer suggesting battle plans, Knights practicing and fletchers making arrows. The town is busy....This is good... Thought Frank. Frank wanted to battle for himself. He ran towards his ravine and jumped, landing on water. He ran across the ledge and opened the creaky door to his house. He grabbed everything that could help, and slammed the chest top shut, ran to his door and shut it quickly. Frank swam down a waterfall and across the ravine to another. Frank swam up the waterfall. He saw that a war was starting...It wasn't going to be pretty.

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  • Hailiuss
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Goblin
  • July 18, 2015, 9:36 am
Was this good? Let me know.

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