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The Lost Book of the Nether: Chapter 3

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There was the book. Sitting on the windowsill, glowing.

Cameron screamed.

Connor looked at her with an angry face, telling her to shush.

“Is that… is that the book!?” Cameron asked Connor.

“What does it look like to you!?!?” Connor yelled back.

“What do you want to do with it…” Connor asked Cameron.

Cameron ignored that question and walked over to open it up, feeling an urge to.

The book paged blew around by some wind that wasn’t there before, increasing quickly and then suddenly…

A portal was created on the floor of their room.

The noise increased until it sounded like a jet engine was inside of their house, all the furniture was flying around, both teens screaming.

Connor’s mom ran upstairs to see what was going on and screamed.

“HELP!” the teens yelled.

Connors mom tried to grab both children out of the vortex, but nothing would work.

Eventually, they were sucked into a vast wormhole.

They kept spinning and spinning until they dropped onto steady ground, finally.

“Oh sweet, sweet ground…” Connor said, kissing the ground.

Cameron slapped him for being so gross.

The both got up and looked around.

The air smelled like burning flesh, and they discovered where they were when they stopped looking at the ground.

“The Nether…”

Both quickly started hyperventilating as they processed what just happened.

“WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Cameron screamed, latching herself onto Connor.

“Get off of me! We are going to be fine!” Connor reassured Cameron.

“No we’re not! We’re going to die! No one goes to the Nether unless they are INSANE!” Cameron screamed.

All the noise they were creating make a Ghast look around, trying to see where the sounds were coming from.

Both of their eyes were wide open. They were dead quiet.

The Ghast kept looking around until it gave up. The teens let out a large breath and fell on the ground. Cameron looked like she was about to cry.

Connor was looking through the book like a psychopath, trying to find some way to get out of this heck hole.

All the book was in a foreign language, just dots, symbols, and lines. They had no idea how to read it.

Suddenly when Connor stared at it long enough, the lines started moving to form words and letters they could read.

“Cameron! Look at this!” Connor yelled at her.

“What!? What could be more important!? We literally almost died!” Cameron yelled back.

Cameron angrily crawled over to the cliff Connor was sitting on, looking at the book on his lap.

“What!?” she asked.

“Look! You can read it!”


They both read it aloud.

Ah. There you two are. Connor and Cameron...

They both jumped back.

“Did the book just TALK to us…” Cameron asked Connor.

“Yep…” Connor replied.

Don’t be frightened… I’m on your side…

“What do you want from us!? Why did you bring us here!?” Connor yelled at it, ready to tear out the page.

You are the chosen ones. You will find the lost treasure of the Nether and bring it back to the overworld.

“What!?” Cameron yelled at it. “No… we can’t be the chosen ones… we need to get back home…”

“THIS IS AMAZING!” Connor screamed. “We are going to be FAMOUS!”

Cameron was staring blankly at the air, looking like she was ready to cry.

Connor ignored Cameron and looked at the book again.

There was a map!

“Cameron! Look!” Connor said.

“What?” Cameron asked.

Cameron went over and saw the map, immediately feeling reassured.

“Thank Notch we don’t have to do anything too drastic, like walking around in the Nether without anything to help us…” Cameron said.

“Come on! Let’s follow it.” Connor said, already walking quickly away.
CreditDo NOT use this as your own entry for the Tales from the Nether Minecraft Writing Contest! This is my own work, and it's not permitted to steal.

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