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The Middle Ages Of Minecraft (Minedeas Contest)

The Middle Ages Of Minecraft

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avatar Dreadio
Level 26 : Expert Lumberjack
Hey guys, i'm entering the Minedeas contest with a pretty big update idea,


What I'm talking about is more liveliness and not just like REALLY old stuff in Minecraft. Right now Minecraft seems like they're only like a few people on earth and they're really all the same and boring. I'm thinking about bumping Minecraft up a few 100 years and make it more "Middle Ages". Also if you don't want to have Middle Ages on when you create a world you can select "Normal" or "Middle Ages" Here are my ideas for the update listed below.


Instead of just having two kinds of villages on Minecraft lets have all kinds! Fishing communities with fishermen on boats and on piers fishing, mill towns with lumbermen going into the woods, cutting down trees and bringing it back to their outpost. Mining communities where there are old shacks with old mine shafts leading into the mountains(Sort of like in abandoned mines). Even small evolved communities that have shops, and girls and boys playing and all kinds of houses!


Villagers right now have no life... They walk around with their arms crossed and poof babies between when they talk(Even though they're all boys!). I'm talking about knights, bandits, fishermen, miners, shop workers, men, women, boys, girls, lumbermen and more! They would go to sleep, talk to you, sit down, play with other kids and go to school if they were young, its just like there actually real and need to learn and sleep and eat and talk like us!


Not the pavement roads with cars on them but small gravel roads that are found scarcely throughout the world. On these roads you can find men riding horses(which I will talk about later), carriages, and if your unlucky, bandits that attack you!


Instead of walking, self-propelling rowboats, and pig riding, lets add GOOD transportation. One big thing could be horses which can be saddled or attached to carriages and will go really fast. Another idea I really like is SHIPS! Have your pirate ships, sail ships, schooners, and more! Also have craftable docks to hook your boats onto.


And my favorite of all, kingdoms! These can very rarely be found at ends of roads and will vary in size. The biggest will have 100's of people and tons of guards, and of course a king that lives in a castle. These kingdoms will include almost everything I've talked about so far and more!


Some things I haven't mentioned are cabins and shacks, sometimes on the side of roads you will find hunting cabins or shacks that are sometimes occupied by hunters. Another thing is merchant stations that are lined up on roadsides and will follow you and try too sell you things. One last thing is bandit camps, bandit camps would be a old house or an outpost out in the woods, it would be filled with bandits and if you went close enough they would attack you.

I hope you have enjoyed this idea blog and will take notice too it and maybe, just maybe, add it too Minecraft and make Minecraft better for all of us!


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WOW how did I miss this!!! I'm all for this bro this would be one of the coolest updates ever. If you could find a modder to work with this would be an amazing mod as well!!
  • Dreadio
  • Level 26
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • January 3, 2014, 3:35 pm
I actually mod myself. The worse thing is though my Minecraft CANNOT run without Optifine and Optifine is only updated to 1.6.4 so far so I would only be able to make 1.6.4 mods and that's kind of pointless since 1.7.4 is out now. But I should update this blog anyways to 1.7.4 and I should look for a modder like you said. Thanks for the support!
No prob dude :3 and I'm not sure if it's true but I actually heard that the new opticians was released today xD
  • Dreadio
  • Level 26
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • January 4, 2014, 3:33 am
Well I just tried to get started on modding but it turns out all Modding stuff such as MCreator or Modloader or MCP are only updated to 1.6.4, so that was extremely pointless... :P
Aw :c
  • Dreadio
  • Level 26
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • January 4, 2014, 7:31 am
Yah, but I'm planning on many new things soon. I honestly can't keep up with it, I have like 5 or 6 builds I am working on. I plan on a texture pack soon, more floating islands AND I'm going to write a story in a blog about Minecraft (my teacher thinks I'm an amazing writer :P) AND I'm animating Minecraft movies that I'm trying to get looking good so my plate is full enough, forget mods. Lol.
WOW hahah xD
  • Dreadio
  • Level 26
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • January 4, 2014, 2:29 am
you are awesome... It actully is and I would of never thought of checking it! Thanks so much! Modding here I come!
  • Cajvall
  • Level 13
  • Journeyman Skinner
  • December 25, 2012, 4:32 pm
I like it!
  • Bethamez
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 27
  • Expert Network
  • December 19, 2012, 2:04 pm
Not bad, though could you un-bold like......most of the words? The large amount of Bold Text is a pain in the eyes
  • Mowgli
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 19, 2012, 3:41 am
I think its kinda annoying to read. instead of writing it in all read, shouldnt you just write it normally?
Its a bad layout in my opinion.
Great idea though.
  • Dreadio
  • Level 26
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • December 19, 2012, 5:57 am
Sure, if you find it annoying ill change it! :) Its not the way i wrote it though, right?
  • Mowgli
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 19, 2012, 5:59 am
The way you wrote it is fine, but the layout is bad. Just change it to Plain text, no color on the informative text.
  • Beta_Alpha
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 55
  • Grandmaster Meme
  • December 18, 2012, 4:22 pm
I agree with everything about this mod and would be a great addition, but don't you think making a gigantic kingdom spawn in the middle of a world be pretty glitchy? Small villages are glitchy enough.
  • Dreadio
  • Level 26
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • December 19, 2012, 1:57 am
Well Maybe it would be useful if when you create your world you can click on "Middle Ages" or "Normal". That would be useful if you have a slow computer! :)

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