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The minecraft lab: some great mods for your very own lab

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So I was watching the YouTube series 'Yoglabs' and I thought, is this all that there can be for creating a lab within minecraft? The answer was a resounding no because I thought to myself that along with these mods covered by the yogscast there is also many other mods included in mod packs and not at all mentioned in either mod packs or 'Yoglabs'. So I've begun to list some mods from the YouTube series and also some more on top, so that you can be a sociopathic lab rat who hisses at the thought of direct sunlight and this strange mixture of gases called 'fresh air'. Enjoy.

Buildcraft and Industrialcraft
Were else to start but whith the foundation of Tekkit? Buildcraft and Industrialcraft form some basic production and energy machinery so that you will have power and shiny tools like nano sabers et cetera to defend your techno lair of chemicals and computers.
In addition you can use quarries to create pits of death for captive test subjects, if your going down the evil scientist route.

Atomic science
So atomic science is from the voltz mod pack, it allows you to have partical accelerators, currently the most expensive lab equipment in the world, CERN built one under Switzerland that discovered the higgs boson, why not build about 5 of them to produce the mysterious dark matter..... and then turn it into a deadly weapon with the ICBM mod (also from voltz) so that you because destroying things is obviously a very scientific experiment (!) In addition it adds a more realistic nuclear power experience more true to that of existing nuclear power stations. The equipment is more complex and so looks more awesome in your lab.
This particle accelerator is a pipe that makes things smash together or in minecraft's case, shine brightly and spin round really fast, either way it is a cool piece of lab equipment that is great in a nice dark tunnel around below your laboratory.

Without this mod there would not be any chemistry department in your lab, this mod lets you analyse the atomic structure of your everyday minecraft items and create them with different chemicals or make radioactive substances with the atoms that you've found within your items.
Split your coal into carbon and and combine atoms into new substances, even produce cyanide for your maniacal deeds!

TBC in 10 mins...maby

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