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Far away from where you live, there is a place called Minecraft. In Minecraft you are alone, but there's nothing stopping you from doing what you like! There's plenty of resources, food and animals to keep you company. But one day, a boy called xMinecrafter123x spawned in a beautiful seed. He spawned on a beach beside a tall mountain range with a river and forest in the valley.

xMinecraft123x travelled through the valley and collected a stack of wood, wool, beef, leather, chicken, feathers and pork. He climbed a mountain and built a house at the top. He made a bed, a carpet floor and some torches and then he made a pickaxe and decided to go mining for the night. He built a staircase mine going right down to bedrock.

He then did what every miner does and branched out at diamond level. He got lots of iron, coal, redstone and gold, but no diamonds. So he returned to his lovely house and went to bed. The next day he woke up and watched the sun rise. He cooked up the pork he had collected the day before and at it. He grabbed his pickaxe and ventured back down into the mine.

This time he branched out in the other direction. He got lots of other resources but still no diamonds. So he travelled into a cave and explored it. He got to the end of the cave and mined through the wall. Suddenly he found himself in an opening with zombies coming towards him from all directions.

He pulled out his sword and slashed away. He quickly placed a torch down and found himself in a dungeon! There was a chest next to the spawner. He opened it, eager to see what was inside. There was a saddle, a music disc, some leather and… A DIAMOND! He jumped with joy and decided to leave the cave before he died or something.

xMinecrafter123x got home and put his diamond in his chest and realized it was night again already! So he got into his bed and fell into a deep sleep…



The Visitor

The next morning xMinecrafter123x woke up and he made mushroom stew for breakfast this morning. He slurped it down and went into his chest to see his beautiful diamond. Except, the diamond was missing!


I will keep adding to this every once in a while, please diamond and comment if you like it so far!

Thanks you guys!
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