The 'Missing Texture' Entity RETURNS?!


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Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Before I start this off.... This is REAL! If you like playing Minecraft by yourself, this story isn't for you, no matter what version you play...

I decided not to play b1.7.3 because that was the version that entity was on. So... I went on to play on 1.11.2... So, I built a huge, cool house... So, I decided to go to the Nether... So, I needed some obsidian to create it.. Just 10 because I want the corners to be cobblestone. So, I went down to my mine and I found a huge ravine. Soon, near some lava, I found a sign.. Next to it was some fire, I guess the lava was burning the sign... So that means the sign was put there recently, so I put it out. So I went down to investigate the sign. It said: Missing Texture
File missing at C:/
Missing Texture.exe
So I went to the file explore and typed in C:/Missing Texture.exe and there was no file called that. Strange, right? But it got even worse after. I went back to minecraft, but I couldn't find the window. The window was CLOSED. So I opened up the Minecraft Launcher and it gave me an error saying "Missing Texture at C:/Missing Texture.exe
But I knew it wasn't there. So I looked it up, and my computer shut down... I booted it back up and I had a .png file on my desktop called "I'm Watching You.png" So I opened the picture and I saw a quick glimpse of it and it closed and deleted itself. So, here I am. Writing this story so people can be aware of this entity.

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