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The Most Comical Scene in All of Minecraft: Story Mode

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This blog contains spoilers for the ending of Minecraft: Story Mode, Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place. Do not read on if you do not want to be spoiled. Minecraft: Story Mode is available on consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, and services such as Steam and Netflix. Despite what I may say in this article, I recommend fans of Minecraft to play this game, as it is entertaining, and is fairly fun, if you're fine essentially watching a television series with the occasional gameplay bit.This article will contain a lot of opinions, so if you get offended by potentially controversial opinions easily, then please do not leave a comment, and instead, click off this article. I'm fine if you share your own opinion, but please do not hate on my own, I have the right to share my opinions on creative media, and am always open to debates, but it's annoying when others disregard my own opinions as false. Thank you.I should get this out of the way to start the blog. I do not like Minecraft: Story Mode that much, and I do not think it is a good game. This post will be dedicated to me analyzing a particular scene near the end of Episode 4 that has the opposite effect on me than the game clearly intends to have. I will be ranting about why this scene fails on so many levels, as well as a few other parts of the story that relate to this.

  If you've seen gameplay for this particular episode or have played it yourself, or maybe even heard about this scene, since it became fairly famous, you know what I'm referring to.

At the end of Episode 4, Reuben, the main character Jesse's pet pig, sacrifices himself to help you (who plays as Jesse) take down the main threat: the Wither Storm.

Reuben then proceeds to die in front of Jesse, as you and your friends gather around the pig for his final moments. This is the only scene in Minecraft: Story Mode that made me laugh. I'm going to explain why this scene fails to encapsulate the dramatic feelings that it's supposed to convey. For me, at least.

  To start: Reuben was never all that likable. Throughout the story, Reuben has been virtually of no use. In fact, quite the opposite, as Reuben has a tendency to get himself in trouble that just leads Jesse on a mission to try and save him, for instance, when Reuben runs off at the building contest in Episode One. This makes Reuben seem more like a burden than a benefit to the story. He doesn't provide much personality or comic relief, and, in some cases, comes off as quite annoying. The only time Reuben does anything to significantly better the protagonists' situation is, in fact, when he sacrifices himself to help take down the Wither Storm. Already I'm not attracted to Reuben as a character, and I could, for the most part, care less about his fate, as he hasn't done anything to make him a worthwhile addition to the story or draw myself to become attracted to him before the sacrifice. (Another point I feel like bringing up is how Reuben is conveniently the only sentient mob in the entire story, so his entire character makes no sense at all in the story and is never given any sort of explanation, but that's not the point of this article, so I won't go into much depth for that.)

  As for the death itself, most of the emotion comes from Reuben's dying expressions and the characters' reactions to his situation. Jesse, our audience surrogate, is clearly sad about Reuben's passing, so clearly we are supposed to be too. We are given several options on how to react to the situation, most of them vocal responses (mind you, none of these choices impact the story in any meaningful way whatsoever). All of these responses reflect what Jesse is feeling: grief. The game wants us to feel for Reuben's death, and they try to generate emotion purely by the amount of screentime Reuben has had up to this point, and the characters' reactions to his death, mainly Jesse's.

  The last trick the game tries to pull to make us feel for Reuben and Jesse is the sacrifice itself. Essentially, Jesse drops the tool needed to defeat the Wither Storm, and is trapped in its clutches. Already there is virtually no sort of tension in the story. We know Jesse isn't going to die here, because he's the only character we've had to control. Whenever we die, we get a game over, only to be sent back to the latest save point, still playing as Jesse. The game has made it clear we're stuck as Jesse for the entirety of the story. This is the final battle, the climax for Jesse's deeds as a hero. He's obviously going to pull through, so we have no real reason to be concerned about his well-being. The only other character we can really be concerned about within the core of the Wither Storm with Jesse is Reuben, who's flaws I've already explained. When boiled down to this light, there are no stakes or tension at all to this moment, so we have no real reason to be emotionally invested in the moment.

  This is when Reuben makes his only worthwhile contribution to the story and helps Jesse defeat the Wither Storm, an undramatic conclusion that was made fairly obvious in the moments leading up to it.

  Once the Wither Storm is defeated, Jesse is presented with Reuben, who is laying on the ground, in pain, dying. Despite what the game has done to make the moment feel dreadful and sad, we have no real reason to care for Reuben. The game proceeds to list the choices I explained earlier, and Reuben finally dies.

  This scene.

  This is what sets me off.

  The most hilarious part of the entire game.

  Reuben's body disappears in a puff of smoke, and in its wake is a raw porkchop.

  Literally nothing about this works at all, whatsoever. It is so awfully conducted, and so comedically amusing (however unintentional), I can't help but be in awe of how poor the writing was for this moment. It's obviously meant to be sad and dramatic, made clear by the moments leading up to it. And abrupt shift to comedy would not fit the scene at all, and I do not think that's what the writers were intending. They seemed to just be "playing by the rules of Minecraft", and gave Reuben the standard Minecraft mob death. Obviously, it would make a fair amount of sense- Reuben is a pig, this is what happens when pigs die in Minecraft (oh, you know, except the fact Reuben is obviously a baby pig and baby pigs do not drop any materials in Minecraft, while Reuben drops a raw porkchop). What makes this so infuriating is how it was so easily avoidable. Reuben isn't a normal mob. He's aware of the characters. He understands them. He's sentient. He's not a normal pig. Although this doesn't make sense, as long as you have it going, you can stick to the rules of your own universe. Reuben did not need to die like a normal mob. Lots of what makes deaths emotional is seeing the cold, still body of the victim, and absorbing the fact that the corpse once had a bright, shining life in it. Reuben could've just stayed around as a corpse. It would have been far more emotional for this scene to be followed by a burial of Reuben's body as the characters pay their respects to the annoying pig. Instead, the writers decide to just have the characters build a monument for the pig, which is far less impactful than a burial would have been.
  To follow this up, besides ridding the world of the Wither Storm, Reuben's death has no lasting impact on the story. There is a slight nod or two to him later in the story, such as with his monument. Other than these, however, Reuben is basically never brought up again. Reuben, a character clearly significant to Jesse, our main protagonist, is basically forgotten about and has no lasting toll on his mental conscious. I understand it's a kids game, but you could at least have Jesse become affected by this in some way. Kids shows can have character development, it's not that hard, plenty of works have done it before.
  To wrap it up, Reuben's death had no overall emotional buildup or follow-up, and the effects on the characters are almost visibly nonexistent. It takes what had been building up even a little drama and emotion and flips it on its head with its comedically flawed porkchop drop, and everything about the scene is poorly written into the story, and serves no other purpose than having a character important to Jesse die last-minute to save the day. No amount of character development helped Jesse defeat the big bad guy- instead, it was the annoying pig who we're supposed to like but just comes off as useless and obnoxious. It's like the writers realised this and threw in the scene to try and end the story with a bang as well as making Reuben slightly more memorable. They did both of these things, though maybe not in the way they intended.
  Thanks for reading this article. I plan to do more analysis and reviews like this, as I quite enjoy them, so please subscribe and give this article a diamond if you enjoyed it and want to see more. Also, tell me in the comments what I could improve on, I want to make these as enjoyable as possible for you guys. And once again, you're welcome to respectfully disagree with me, but do not force your own opinion in the comments. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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This makes me feel pathetic for almost crying when he died now
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i love reuben ]:
01/22/2019 1:13 pm
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that's fine, this is just all my opinion :)
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Hi please awenser back I will make you laugh
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