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The Mysterious Truth

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
Steve was mining, as usual, he got a few stacks of coal, half a stack of iron, 1 or 2 diamonds and some gold. He was pretty happy with himself. As he was wrapping up his adventures today, he felt tired and is running out of food and his hunger bar was low. But he didn't mind, he just slowly walked his way home. The sun set was glorious, he was distracted for second by it. Suddenly, he heard someone walking behind him. All of a sudden, thunder struck, and the haunting disc 13 started playing. As freaky as it was already, Steve was afraid to turn around.

"Don't turn around," the voice behind him said. Steve was shaking, but he took out his diamond sword and put on an iron helmet, took a deep breathe, and turned around anyways. "Who are you?" He asked. It was Herobrine, he didn't tell him. A written book fell from the sky. Steve picked it up and opened it up,

"Updates to all players, unfortunately, long ago when Herobrine was removed, and a few years later, he managed to hack the system of minecraft and came back to the game. -Notch". Steve figured out as soon as he finished reading, and the letter was written by Notch, the creator of Minecraft. Steve was out of hunger, he couldn't run fast enough to escape. Luckily, he saw that nearby was a village, he walked towards the village and quickly got 2 pieces of bread from the blacksmith and ate it, "villagers I'm sorry, please forgive me for taking some bread!". "I'm coming for you," Herobrine said.

Steve ran as fast as he can, back to his settlement town where he and his friends built on their server. They were frightened when they saw Herobrine. Alex tried to shoot Herobrine with arrows, but he had 10000 hearts in his health bar. "There must be a way out," Steve said. As they rushed in the libary and flipped through every book about Herobrine as possible, Steve found a book with some details on how to get rid of Herobrine. "I got an idea, but it's risky." Steve said.

The people didn't care, they told him to do it anyways. So he did, he followed what the book said, to write down "/Emergencykill mobHerorbine. But it was still experimental, the command wasn't stabled yet. So he had a 50% chance of getting rid of herobrine.
As soon as Steve typed the command, Herobrine had half a heart. "Haha, you still hasn't gotten rid of me though," he said. It only took Alex one shot, and Herobrine died, he vanished into thin air, and exploded like a Supernova explosion (Star's Death Explosion).

Everything was back to normal, except the area Herobrine blew up and it left a hole on the floor. Everyone in the town cheered, they were thankful that Steve saved the day, Steve became the town's hero, and he did great on research and how he reacted to the emergency situation. "The big truth is out, he's a mysterious mob that was removed long ago, and now he came back by hacking the game. Now he is banished forever from the game. He'll never haunt us again." Steve said.

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Good luck :P
Thanks :D

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