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The Mystery of Herobrine...

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avatar Guy_of_Heroes
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Hey u guys,

Im kinda bored and iv been looking into the whole crappy herobrine deal.. Anyway i was doing some inspections and well here is the story...

So i have been playing minecraft alot and it really p***s me off when suddenly i fall into lava or fall off a cliff... anyway one day i decided to make a ledgit spider mob trap and so i dug 18 block down in a 8x8 square. as i was mining i was pushed toward a hole in the ground that fell down pretty far.. i froze and my character almost fell then i got really lucky casue then i was pushed again. i filled the hole and i was pushed into the wall for a while then it stopped. i had looked back a few times but herobrine was unable to be seen...

So my conclusion is that Notch is being VERY secretive and he has made herobrine a mob that doesnt do damage, but causes a player to die without letting him be seen. This is because if heobrine is invisible how can anyone prove he EXISTS???

Well anyway i hope u enjoyed this short story!

And they lived happily ever after...
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