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The Nexus Server Review!


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Level 25 : Expert Pokemon
So, The Nexus came out a few days ago! It was super promoted by Team Crafted, and seemed super good! I'll start out with the positives. The Hunger Games and the Plug-ins are REALLY good! The Hunger Games have great addons! The Plug-ins! There's a ton! They bring the game to the next level! But... That's it. Other wise, I'm not impressed. It takes FOREVER to get into anything. And the Hunger Games is really kind of not as good as it's presented. There's not alot of original maps, a lot seem to just be brought over from the Fridge. I know it would take a ton of time to build new ones, but it kind of takes away the Thrill of seeing this server you've been seeing your favorite youtuber love! You were hoping for a new experience, and that's what the Nexus failed to deliver.

All of the other mini games are feel incomplete and laggy. The server in general is extremely laggy. It crashes a lot. Even in BajanCanadian's and ASFJerome's videos they have that lag. And the server tries to get you to donate a lot. It kind of feels like it's the only way to get into anything. Now yes, I understand I'm giving a hard time to a new server that's in an early stage, but it doesn't seem to going to make any major strides. It's just... Not what I expected. Maybe it'll get better. It probably will. But for it's current state, it's nothing I would write home about.

Over all, I give The Nexus 5 diamond axes out of 10.

The Nexus IP: thenexusmc.net

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