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The Night #1

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avatar drawguy124
Level 26 : Expert Network
it was a normal night inĀ MineCraft,
The Chickens where sleeping, The pigs where sleeping, And also the cows where asleep.
It was quiet.. So quiet that it gets creepy. I shit in my pants when i hear a zombie, But this time it was worse.
I hear a Ghast Scream in the overworld. It was super crazy, And 10 seconds later a Wither noise.
I didn't understand what was going on, so i went to the armory. I did grab my Diamond Sword and some tnt, Just to be sure.
When i went out of my house there was a trail of Redstone Dust, Leading to a Cave with a Creepy Creature!
''Hello!, Do you hear me!?'' Suddently the Creature turned around. It had a Face but Full red eyes and loads of scratches on his body. I was litteraly Creeped out! I didnt know what to do. Then i decided to kill it! I tried to hit it but.. It was gone!
I saw the Redstone Dust on the ground that leads to the cave. When i was inside that cave. Everything became red.
The exit was gone! But then i saw him again...

Thanks for reading! Do you want more from this story? Just say it!
Sorry for my English i know its not super good :3
Peace out

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