The Night Of The Dark Moon Wolves.

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Hello! I'm writing ANOTHER story about wolves. The reason why I write about them often is because they are really easy to name and they act kinda like dogs and I have a dog.

Anyway.. Enjoy!

It's a dark misty night. The sky is so black the moon looks as if It doesn't belong. The air is freezing, and a wolf howls, a dark low howl. It sounds as if it is closer than it is. I know it is just a quiet noise but it seems there is much more to it. The leaves of the autumn trees rustle and then fall to the ground as a cool breeze sweeps across the land. My dark brown hair blows in the wind as if someone had just turned a fan on. It's quiet but I am not scared. Me and my friend Ashley sit on an old log near the forest. We were supposed to be doing trick or treat but didnt feel like it. I hear another deep low howl. A droplet of water falls from the sky. It was starting to rain. I decided we better go home but the rain turned into much more. Lightning flashed across the sky. We started to run home but then we heard the thunder. It was very loud. It seemed as if my ears were pounding. The rain spit out of the clouds and the storm continued. We didn't bring umbrellas so we got soaked. Ashley sighed and said "I guess we are gonna be wet this WHOLEEE walk back."

I saw a shadow in the woods. A shadow of a wolf. The wolf darted around near the forest maybe looking for shelter. Another howl and then CRASHHH a bolt of lightning shot straight out of the sky right in front of us. We ran as fast as we could, terrified. Another bolt of lightning hit near where the wolf was. The light showed what the wolf looked like. It was skinny, had scars all over it, and was missing an eye. I screamed. The wolf looked at me then ran off into the woods. Every time another wolf howled I thought of the scars on it. That missing eye, it freaked me out. Another bolt of lightning, and more rain. It was now pouring rain. We were soaked. The rain didn't seem to stop. We finally got into our neighborhood. When we saw them. A pack of wolves. All like the last wolf I had seen. The leader of the pack had a deep scar on its neck and looked as if it might be blind. The wolf howled. Lighting hit again. That was the night of the Dark Moon Wolves.

The end!
CreditMyself. Idk if anyone else has used the title of this story before. It seems like it would be a common story name maybe :/
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