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The Oasis of the Seas Map Review

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avatar JaiiDann
Level 8 : Apprentice Toast
The "Common Area." Recently, I installed a map entitled "The Oasis of The Seas." I was told by a friend to download it, and it sort of took a while, but right after I explored the map for an hour, I immediately knew this was worth the wait.
The Oasis of The Seas is a gigantic cruise ship with more then 200 rooms. It includes a swimming pool, a common area, restaurants and much, much more. It's probably great for role-playing too, because of all the realistic features. It also has a captain's bridge and as an added bonus, a bridge connecting the ship to the land where you can find a small town. If that's not enough, the ship also includes elevators, bathrooms, fully-furnished suites and many more to enhance the experience.
I'd think it'd also make a great Murder Mystery/Hide and Seek map as it is very big and spacious. It's probably even got some hidden features, like for example: a cinema. The cinema's a very creative idea as it uses a huge Nether Portal as a screen! You can also head into the boiler room, the room containing the engines and many more!
People believe that this map is haunted since it was made a long, long time ago. It is believed that if you play this map at 3:00 A.M, a randomly generated "Cross" will appear on the terrain. You will also hear eerie and strange noises whilst inside the ship, that's why most of my classmates ended up blowing up the ship with TNT and turning it into a bunch of floating iron blocks, thank you very much.
I guess my favourite part of the ship must be the common area. It's got a lot of chairs and looks like a 5-star luxury hotel. It's got a fountain, food stalls, pine trees and many other things. Sometimes I chill with my fellow Minecraft friends and play Hide and Seek and Murder Mystery.
Overall, I'd rate this map 10/10 stars as it gives users a realistic experience of being on a cruise ship. Because of that, my family and I rode on a cruise ship going to Australia! It is a wonderful experience as you get to watch the beautiful sunset and eat all the delicious food.  Most cruise ships provide free wi-fi 24/7 and trust me, it's better then the one you'd use at home. This might possibly be one of the best maps I've every played.

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