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This is the complete history of my alternate Star Trek timeline. The dates are pretty rough, and the stardates in-game are not accurate, but if anything this should ensure I keep everything straight in my head. You may find that dates in the logs on the Zenith-C are slightly inaccurate.

The USS Aludra miscalculates a jump to warp and arrives at a previously uncharted star system. The fourth planet from the sun dubbed Raichien IV shows signs of life. An away team brings aboard a larval 'Raichien' for study. The Raichien begins to rapidly change in this new environment, and escapes containment. The Raichien begins to consume metal from the ship and draw power directly from the EPS grid, and replicates itself. Within 24 hours, the ship is so badly damaged by it's infestation that it is unable to maintain orbit and crashes on the surface of Raichien IV.

2250 (U.S.S. Zenith)
The USS Zenith, a Kelvin Class ship, launches from drydock to begin a five year mission of exploration.

The Raichien, somehow using knowledge they genetically obtained from consuming the Aludra, send waves of invading hives into subspace that now arrive at the homeworlds of nearly all of the Beta Quadrants major factions. The hives begin launching individual Raichien at the unsuspecting fleets which subsequently tear them to shreds. Conventional weapons fire proves mostly ineffective. As the Raichien consume more knowledge, they learn of new worlds, and begin sending new hives to worlds in the Alpha Quadrant and beyond.

2253 (Raichien Assault)
After discovering world after world sent back to the stone age by having their tech consumed by Raichien, the USS Zenith sets course back to Earth at high warp, after only two years into it's second five year mission. The Zenith arrives home to find Earth defended by only a handful of surviving starships, and is subsequently boarded and infested by Raichien. The Zenith's captain maneuvers the ship into the Kuiper Belt, after locating a hollow asteroid that the bridge crew believe to be a suitable emergency evacuation site. The asteroid serves as an effective rally point and aids security teams as they systematically sweep the Zenith to remove the infestation.

In desperation, Starfleet lifts the ban on shipboard Artificial Intelligence and gives the AI 'Sif' to the USS Zenith. Sif is given the ability to remotely control nearly every aspect of the ship, because the Raichien often depressurize entire decks and make it impossible to reach certain areas for manual control.

2288 (The Twin Zenith Incident)
After thirty long years defending Earth, the Zenith has been torn to shreds. The majority of her outer hull is a patchwork of different scrap metals, mostly obtained from the vast debris field of former Starfleet vessels. Her core systems are held together with nothing more than scrap and hope. Even fewer vessels remain to defend Earth. Without warning, a temporal rift opens in orbit of Earth, and an advanced alternate reality version of the Zenith (NCC-2113-J) emerges. The rift is unstable, but in the time they have, the Zenith-J's captain breaks protocol and agrees to make repairs and upgrades to the surviving ships, including the original Zenith. While repairs are ongoing, Sif detects the presence of 'red matter' onboard the Zenith-J. When pressed, the ship's captain denies having possession of the theoretical substance. Sif and the Zenith's bridge officers devise an ultimately successful heist to steal a sample of red matter from the Zenith-J, believing they can use it to turn the home planet of the Raichien into a black hole. The Zenith-J returns to their reality without incident.

With their ships in the best state in years, and their new secret weapon, Starfleet goes all in on a plan to destroy Raichien IV. They send their entire surviving fleet to the star system discovered by the Aludra (and recently rediscovered in years prior). The Raichien immediately make note of their presence and begin sending hives to attack. The crew of the USS Zenith succeeds at launching the red matter at Raichien IV, but quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the pull of the newly formed black hole. The USS Franklin holds the ship in a tractor beam, barely holding it steady against the massive gravitational waves. In a last ditch maneuver, the Zenith's captain manually ejects the secondary hull and nacelle of the Zenith, sacrificing himself in the process. This loss of mass allows the Franklin to pull the Zenith's saucer out of the grip of the blackhole. The Zenith's secondary hull appears to slow as it gets closer to the singularity, due to time dilation. The surviving ships flee the system on a course back to Earth.

Time passes normally for the Zenith's captain as he races towards the blackhole. He discovers that Sif has made a copy of herself in the engineering computer, and she has a plan to save him. She performs the calculations required to both slingshot around the blackhole, and launch the Zenith's warp core; detonating it in such a way that the secondary hull can be pushed out of immense gravity. Their plan works, but severely damages the already beaten secondary hull. An unknown amount of time has passed due to time dilation, and there is no way to call for help. With Sif's knowledge, the Zenith's captain cannibalizes the old cryo systems used to cool the warp core and makes a makeshift cryo pod out of a storage crate. To this day, they continue to drift.

Due to the effects of time dilation, the Franklin, Berlin, Farragut and Monroe, with the Zenith's saucer in tow, arrive at Earth 20 years in the future. There is a grand celebration. Though the Federation had built many new ships for the fleet in the past 20 years, supply chains were still disrupted and metals in high demand. Due to this, the surviving ships, despite their age, were given refits. The Zenith received a new secondary hull and nacelle and is rechristened the U.S.S. Zenith-A.

As a response to the Raichien, Starfleet command begins the Last Man Standing Directive, which states that any damaged or soon to retire vessel that is still capable of firing a phaser and moving at sublight speed should be moved to long-term storage for use in emergency scenarios.

The USS Defiant is designed as an over-powered and engineered response to the Raichien threat. The ship features massive bulkheads built to withstand the chewing parasites, and a reinforced spaceframe. The small vessel was plagued with problems however, and as the Raichien threat faded, the NX ship was eventually mothballed.

The USS Zenith-A receives experimental isolinear-based technology, as well as a prototype to LCARS. This new tech is used alongside the older duotronic systems as they work out the bugs.

After serving for 40 more years since returning from the Raichien system, the chief Engineer of the Zenith-A discovers microfractures that put the Zenith's aging spaceframe at serious risk. The Zenith-A is scheduled for a diplomatic mission to Romulus, and afterwards to be decommissioned.

2348 (con.) (DUST)
A plot is hatched without the knowledge of Starfleet command, which would have the Zenith-A secretly dispense a larval Raichien onto the surface of Romulus in an act of sabotage. A Vulcan science vessel, through unknown means, discovers this plot and intercepts the Zenith. The science vessel opens fire on the Zenith, targeting the research bay where the Raichien was kept. The Zenith raises shields and fires back. Eventually the science ship slips a beam through the shields and strikes the Zenith near one of the microfractures, breaking a support beam and crippling her EPS grid. The Zenith-A plummets towards the surface of an uninhabited M-Class planet and crash lands. The Vulcan ship beams out as many as it can before the impact. The AI Sif is recovered. This event is covered up by Starfleet command in order to save face with the Romulans.

2354 (U.S.S. Zenith-B) (Discontinued)
The USS Zenith-B, an Exeter Class, is launched. The AI Sif returns to space for the first time since the wreck of the Zenith-A.

2365 (DUST)
17 years after the Zenith-A's disappearance, Lieutenant Rorris Quinn tracks down the wreck to investigate what really happened, as his father had served as the ship's chief medical officer and was not able to be beamed out by the Vulcans. The Lieutenant breaks the story of his discovery to the media much to Starfleet command's chagrin.

Lieutenant Rorris Quinn's transfer application to the USS Zenith-B is accepted.

Starfleet finally discovers the Borg. The USS Defiant is brought out of mothball and given extensive upgrades. It is renamed to the USS Savannah, as another ship had taken the Defiant's name while in mothball.

2390 (Martian Drydock)
The Savannah has spent five years performing high-intensity special ops and combat missions against the Borg. In a high-velocity maneuver, the ship's port nacelle clips another vessel and is crippled. The Savannah spins wildly out of control and is only stabilized by a tractor beam provided by the USS Baker. The crew of the Savannah is evacuated as the Borg presence in the area increases. Later, the ship is towed to Utopia Planitia where engineers decide the ship would be too costly and time-consuming to save. Due to the Last Man Standing Directive, the ship is put back into mothball.

The former captain of the Savannah is given command of the USS Zenith B.

2395 (Borg Assault)
The USS Zenith-B encounters a Borg sphere for the first time, at the edge of the Ponor Sector. The Zenith, lacking modulation technology to properly defend itself, fights the sphere anyway in order to allow several other Starfleet vessels in the area to evacuate. Eventually the Captain orders all hands to evacuate the ship. One officer remained, however, likely knocked unconscious during the battle. They find that Borg have boarded the ship and begun to assimilate various systems. Together with Sif, the officer restores power to the transporters and beams aboard the unsuspecting sphere. There, they discover a plot by the Zenith's crew to detonate the Zenith's unstable warp core that the Borg had brought aboard for study. The officer and Sif are able to detonate the core and destroy the sphere, beaming out just in time.

The Zenith B launches from drydock a year later, fully repaired. Sif leaves the service of the ship. The Zenith begins a campaign against the Borg.

The keel of the USS Zenith-C is laid at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

2401 (The Fleet)
Starfleet Command makes the rare decision to ignore the Last Man Standing Directive and retire the Zenith-B, to turn her into a museum near Columbus Ohio (Many speculate this was a publicity stunt to increase recruitment of new officers). At the same time of this announcement, they unveil the USS Zenith-C, an Esquilline Class multi-mission exploration vessel.

The USS Baker, an old Saladin Class destroyer, is assigned to accompany the USS Zenith-C after the Zenith's captain is promoted to Rear Admiral.

2402 (con.)
The Starfleet Corp of Engineers develops new tools that allow them to begin work on repairing the U.S.S. Savannah.

2403 (Midnight)
A sister-ship to the Zenith, the USS Maverick, is sent careening to Earth by a surprise attack from a Borg Cube. After the Zenith-C assists in destroying the cube, an officer is sent to down to the surface of New Matabezi, Africa, where they discover the Maverick lodged inside an office building. The ship is inspected to ensure there are no Borg present and that first responders can safely arrive.

2403 (con.) (The Fleet)
The U.S.S. Baker receives a new nacelle, so the ship can keep pace with the Zenith. The U.S.S. Missouri is assigned to the budding fleet.

2403 (con.) (The Fleet)
The U.S.S. Wolf Lake joins the fleet. Shortly after, the fully repaired U.S.S. Savannah joins the fleet.

If you're interested in giving feedback and seeing teasers and sneak peeks, check out this new discord server: https://discord.gg/dEgxPm

The Official Timeline

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09/28/2020 7:48 amhistory
Level 73 : Legendary uwu
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09/28/2020 8:55 am
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Dear god I had completely forgotten about that. Hell, I must be getting old. Tbf, I tried to keep this as close to the original plot as I could remember, and I'm pretty sure it was the Aludra that went down, lol.
09/29/2020 8:27 am
Level 73 : Legendary uwu
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so you basically killed me in ur timeline lol
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