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COVID-19 Year 1 Writing Challenge - The Old Man and the Sea (Swordfish's Alternate POV)

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Beginning from April 1st (April Fool) of Year 2020, the first year of Covid-19.
I once wrote these series as a way to relieve of my stress from having to deal with the 15-day lockdown, and now it's time for it to be open to the public!
Enjoy my take, as they might not be as well-written as it should have been!

The first morning in the Kingdom of Swordfish.
One… two… three… These little swordfish were lined up on the Swordfish palace.
I don't understand what happened.
We want to get ashore! Can't stand this space below!”, The whole group chanted.
They seem to have no fear of anything.
10 minutes later...
The Swordfish Emperor appeared. These weaklings thought that their wishes had come true after the exhausting years.
However, instead of responding to their request, he angrily ordered them to return to his nest. They really couldn't understand this, but the emperor's edict is absolute.
2 hours later, at the Sword-pointed Castle...
I was heading towards the emperor's ocean throne (no, not the golden one, deep blue).
"Why? What did you scold them for?! They really had deep passion...", I said.
"Young sword, I never wanted to do that, but the situation is very tough. Hmm...", he said, his voice dripping with sadness.
"What? Did something happen?", I worried.
"Yes, young sword. Lately, a bad omen has come to our kingdom. Human selfishness and greed have polluted the oceans. Sharks have since then pursued most of us young bloods."
I was quite surprised. Maybe that's why I often get labeled "dark neck" by my aides.
"And that's not the only one. A strange old man. According to the connections we have found, although he has yet to find anything, he still ignites the flame of enthusiasm. Maybe you will be his next target. Hurry and find shelter at once!”, He said again, harshly.
That sharp warning awakened my vital instinct. Actually, I used to consider that plan, but scurrying away like a coward was not in my DNA. Perhaps, I must face him… At least I can survive and return…
I hurriedly searched for the broken sea rock fragments from that verbal war, in order to sharpen the tip of my sword. However, for the next 5 hours, not even a pebble could be seen.
"Oh no, I'm done! How am I gonna overcome this old man with such willpower?” I thought in a panic.
A baby swordfish saw the problem and handed me a small sea stone. It can be said that this is the first time that I have seen itself...
Many preparations and 3 days later...
A wave came. Even though I disguise it well, I still have a feeling of unease.
"Ah, he's coming.”, I said. Before my eyes was an elderly man, but he still did not seem to lose his deep experience.
Strangely, the old man passed me without even realizing my presence on the water. But then he spun around, throwing a sharp harpoon at me. Luckily I was able to escape that deathly javelin.
"That April fish! I'm just pretending to make fun of you,”, the old man said aloud.
You are truly a worthy opponent, fish. I admire you very much.”, he thought.
You too, old man. But there's no way,” I thought, stealing.
This moment I realized, danger was approaching. Must find a way out of his battlefield...
~ Swordfish #007
CreditErnest Hemingway (original author), Carey Chen (thumbnail)
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