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The one and only Squishy

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avatar ItsRainingApples
Level 11 : Journeyman Pig
A little about this blog-This blog is all in her words none,I tell you NONE (ok so yeah maybe a little),changed.So do NOT think this is fake.It took a while but we finally got it,so please be nice about it.I mean like if you don't actually know her,or even me,and you really are not so social online,just take a few minutes,cause come on we don't bite!Actually I love meeting new people and some of my fans,actually I wouldn't be here right now if nobody took a few seconds to even look at my work.Even if it was horrible you guys all supported me,so big shout-out to my fans,new fans,and even Squishy!

SquishyZaUltra is the main star of this,and I am not,she is a great person to talk to!
Me:Ok so Squishy,so I know your an eager beaver to do this epic interview.Just keep calm and blog,cause come on you are like a epic blogger.So warning do not go to fast laptop/computer will probably explode!
So now time for the fun part! Question one,what made/showed you minecraft?

Squishy:Well I saw my bros playing it and I found it interesting and all.I'm glad that I did find it interesting,otherwise who knows where I'd be right now.

Me:That's nice!Lets all be happy for her brothers because they found minecraft,otherwise Squishy would probably not be here,she may have been off in space if her brothers didn't find minecraft.Ok new quistion,what brought you to planetminecraft.com?(sorry but I so wanted to do that link thingy!)

Squishy:Well it's pretty much the same story.Saw my brother on it and I took interest.

Me:Any quick shout-outs?

Squishy: Alrighty.Well,CuteMurphy,because she is a great skinner,check her out!Typhlosionboy (will add link later) and Zane6200 (link later) are good bloggers. Roslina (link later) is doing great with skinning!Well I guess that's all my shout-outs.

Me:Ok well,whats you favorite thing to do on planet minecraft?

Squishy:Well,I find much amusement in roleplaying in the Forums,but I also have fun chatting in the Chat Lounge.I also find fun working on Microfantasia,my story that has actually been a success unlike the others. X3 (Though I haven't worked on it due to technical difficulties.)

Me:Ok so I can't believe I am saying it,but your the pro at questions so you get to ask me one!

Squishy:Haha I wouldn't say I am a pro at questions,but ok here it is!Why did you choose to interview me?

Me:I think because I wanted to say thanks but in a fun way,but the thanks is for being in my blog!Ok new question,if you had to choose a job related to minecraft what would it be?

Squishy:Hmm...a job related to minecraft...?I really don't know...perhaps improving the in-game Steve?I really have no clue.

Me:Well I know my pick,it's to be a photographer,but this blog is about you,not me.So since I have NO experience in explaining let me TRY to explain this question.So you decided to take a stone from Steve,but he NEVER saw,and you left NO evidence.What do you think will happen?

Squishy:Uh...intresting. 0.o I have no clue,so let's find out! >:3 *steals stone from Steve* Well nothing happens.

Me: Good cause I think I stole a stone from Steve,but oh well!Maybe a shiny diamond will,wanna try it out with me?Ok forget that,new question and maybe the last,lets say this dog,you own it,you never knew it talks until it says, ''Join the dark side,we have bones!'' what would you do?

Squishy: Ooo puppies! <3
I would take a batch of cupcakes with me and join their side saying, ''And now we have cupcakes,too!'' >:3

Me:Well that's all and thank you for being kind enough to have a party with me,while being obsessed over minecraft!

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04/22/2013 5:29 pm
Level 48 : Master Pirate
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Level 5 : Apprentice Network
04/12/2013 5:27 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Pig
Lol thanks.

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