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The Origin of Herobrine Pt. 1

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avatar PieKing365
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Before I begin, I do NOT! Take credit for the picture posted above.

You probably know who Herobrine is, and that he is Notch's brother. Not many know his story though, so it's time to tell you.

As children, Notch and Herobrine were great friends, they would play with sticks, run through different biomes, slide on ice, and mess with / commands. Some times their fun got them into dangerous situations, but not very often, because they had great power.

One fine morning, Notch and Herobrine were out for a walk, when Herobrine noticed a small cave.

"Notch!" Herobrine yelled. "I think there's a mineshaft down there!"

"I don't think this is a good idea..." Notch said, his voice trailing off like a confused villager. "...I guess we could try it."

As they headed inside the cave, they heard the groans of zombies, bones of skeletons rattling, and creepers hissing.

"Yes," Herobrine whispered. "A fight!"

The wall next to them had started to crack, so slowly , they didn't notice. Suddenly it smashed open with a loud boom Creepers, zombies, etc. all came pouring into the cave, too quickly for anyone to do anything about it.

Notch and his brother fought well, but who knew endermen built traps too?! The floor under them disappeared, and they fell down, down, down, until Notch caught a ledge, and Herobrine held on to Notch's legs.

"Lava!" He called. "Under us!"

"Climb up!" Notch yelled back. "Grab the ledge!"

"Can't...reach" Herobrine struggled. "Ahhhhhh!"

Herobrine fell down, into the bubbling lava. A sickening sssss could be heard from the outside of the cave. Notch was in the depths of despair, but he had no way to save his brother now, he could only watch.


The red hot lava was still there, after so long. A tan arm slowly rose out of it, a body did too...IT WAS HEROBRINE! So long since we last heard of him...wait, something's different, his eyes...they're heartless, glowing white!

"You may think my eyes are white, but on the inside they're filled with pitch black hatred!" He yelled. "It's time for my revenge Notch, you don't stand a chance!"

I am posting pt. 2 also, please say what you think in the desc.

12/10/2013 9:14 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
I did make paragraphs, but it didn't save it with Tab. Sorry! :P
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