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The Origins of Minecraft

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Minecraft, oh, Minecraft. It's been one of the greatest games since the start of the late 2000's and the early 2010's. People around the world are playing it, but what made it become Minecraft?

The late 20's Notch, in 2008/early 2009 came across a game named Dwarf Fortress: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/. He wanted to make like a better version/improvement on the game, so he made this:


I know, it does sound quite hilarious, if you know what dung means (he named it that for some reason). Here are a few screenshots of it:


Around that time, he was also playing another game; GTA: Chinatown Wars: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/39/Chinatown_Wars_Cognoscenti_1.jpg, which made him want to make another zombie game (the first one was Left 4k Dead, a parody of Left 4 Dead; more information on this link: http://www.mojang.com/notch/j4k/l4kd/). The finished product he made was this, Zombie Town: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vmy-ZNbGXE.

As seen in the video, the zombies were like the present Steves, and also the stone and grass textures from RubyDung were also like the ones in present MC.

When the RubyDung engine became more OP, he thought about first person viewing, like in Dungeon Keeper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96kOS8rSavY. Notch said it worked fine, but it became blurry, distorted, (insert negative adjective here), and left it out.

Soon, he found a game named Infiniminer: (Sorry, the link's dead). It was so much fun for him, but it was imperfect. Building was fun, but the textures were horrible (So are the default textures in MC, in my opinion). He thought of a fantasy game which would have the foundations of Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer, only better. He took some code and textures from RubyDung and made Cave Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9t3FREAZ-k, which was the very first version of Minecraft.

He was amazed by everything he saw. The framerate was good by using a browser so he decided to go for it. He hated the flat sprite enemies in Infiniminer, but then making 3D models would kill, destroy, (insert deadly verb here) the game.

So, what did the do?

He did some porting of the player models in Zombie Town with OpenGL and made this:


And that's where we are, and moving forward.


Summarized/taken from:


CreditNotch, for the original one.
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