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The paradox hotel - cast of charcters

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Hex- avatar Hex-
Level 41 : Master Wisp
So I might make my first ever short-story series on this website and it will be called the paradox hotel! This is just the cast of charcters so you will have a name to a face, and at the end, a dire note.. 0-0.

nox (main charcter)
The paradox hotel - cast of charcters

Mira (main charcter)
The paradox hotel - cast of charcters

Zia (main charcter)
The paradox hotel - cast of charcters

Silverster (supporting charcter)

[url=picrew.me/share?cd=KxSEgkEVGO #Picrew #Character_maker]Picrew[/url]

dire note ~

I'm not gonna be posting stories after the series - "The paradox hotel"

heres why

1) I always get pop reel, I want other people to get a chance on pop reel, It dosn't feel fair to me that every time I post something it automaticlly goes to pop reel...
2) People may steal my work. I'm not saying people on here that i've met will do it (but you honestly never know) i'm talking about people browsing the website, they find my stories and maybe they enjoy it maybe they steal it, its not a risk i'm willing to take anymore
3) Pressure, It's mainly just me pressuring myself to come up with something good and make a good story, and it's becoming a bit much
4) I want to try art! I want to try to improve my art style and my skills and that dosn't come instantlly, Also player skins seems like something intresting...

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01/16/2022 12:38 am
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Reason it gots pop reel because people's chance to wrote a blog is rare, I just create a random announcement blog and it's automatically on pop reel.. I don't think every blogs in these days don't get itself to pop reel. At least on blog category pop reel.
01/13/2022 5:33 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Archer
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