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The PewDiePack [Behind The Scenes] | My Biggest Adventure!

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avatar MadeByCarl4020
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
My name is Carl and i'm currently working on The PewDiePack and PackSepticEye. Today i'll tell you how i joined The PewDiePack this is my "Texture Journey #1"

It all started by a normal day. I were surfing around on reddit and saw this guy called Ewan Howell had posted his first PewDiePack video. I said to myself "I want to be a part of this" so i directly messaged him and told him excactly that. Currently my discord weren't working so i had to wait meeting the new members... My discord finally started working and i met the other members. Currently there were: Me, Ratchet, Ewan, Eros (More on Eros later) and Void. (Correct me if i miss someone) . We created the new PewDiePack discord that you got to jojn (https://discord.gg/uzQs3tb).

Eros Drama
I can't tell you much about this case to protect the people involved. Everything i can say is that he got fired from the team, insulted us, told someone to kill themself and then get banned.

Random fun facts
We have a Minecraft server where we relax on!
We're all boys!
We're all nerds lol
We all joined the team in a really random way.

PS: I know that this post is kinda weird but uhm... yeah
CreditThe whole team for making my dream come true!

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