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avatar AkirAssasin
Level 32 : Artisan Ninja

The time is now. I waited until midnight, when everyone had slept.

The pixels on my face rippled, both in excitement and fear. I'm waiting for the Phenomenon.

No one knows if it's a new Update, and I don't think so. The last time an Update was brought in to the world, the entire terrain shifted and formed into a more colourful and exotic version of itself. Updates were supposed to bring good to us.

But this Phenomenon. Descriptions of it were vague and confusing at best; everyone sees something else. Some saw a hooded figure hunching on a Mesa Hill. Some saw an elf standing still, seemingly waiting, in an abandoned mineshaft. Some saw villagers grostequely deformed into our shape.

The catch is, there is a pattern behind the Phenomenon. Everything has a pattern. The Phenomenon's eyes, always at the same pixel and position no matter it makes sense or not, were pure white. Pure #FFF. And after seeing it, it would dissapear after a few seconds.

These sightings constantly appear in front of people, especially at midnight. The mere sudden appearance, piercing eyes gazing towards you was enough to make you sleep instantly. Some victims could last long enough to scream to the world in terror. Some don't wake up anymore.

I know this isn't an Update, because when I sleep, I learn the truth. When I sleep, I dreamt of Unarchiving the core of our world. Every time I dream, a realm of the Modde changes to my will. I remember every single detail. It feels as though I have another form, a form without pixels.

So I know that nothing has changed. The core still remained the same. So I decided to wait until midnight, to experience this for myself. I was prepared to see the Phenomenon. I didn't fall asleep instantly, but what I saw paralysed every single byte of me. I recognized their faces, or what was left. Then I fell asleep

When I woke up again, I tried to make sense of the Phenomenon. To my relief, many victims had already woken up and going on with their daily life fearfully. I began checking the Sleep Logs, a secret record that logs every time someone falls asleep. And with the information I gathered, the pattern was complete.

There is a Burkitte at work. It is reviving those that had permanently fallen asleep, those who will never return. These revived mannequins have limited sustainability so they cannot last long. During these moments of returned life, they wander around without moving their legs. Those #FFF eyes were superimposed on them, which explained why the eyes were always at the same pixel. But before I could announce my findings I fell asleep.

And the Burkitte knows. I can hear his voice in my dreams. "Hey bro. How's my new plugin?" And my disembodied voice responded by its own: "There is more that you can do… let me show you."

And his puppets, those brines of dead pixels, they will never sleep. They can't.

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