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The Pillager Outpost

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Lemilas avatar Lemilas
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Three adventurers walked on a cobblestone road following the course of a river. A variety of buildings stood tall around them, part of the city of Sylnos. As the three of them continued their relaxed pace, they were talking.

  "Looking forward to your first quest as guild members?" one of them asked.

  The two others nodded. "Yes, we're both excited," one of them answered.

  The other one asked, "What was your first quest in the guild like, Feridan?"

  The one called Feridan replied, "Well, I joined the guild a few years back. After completing the required training, I was pretty confident that I could succeed in questing. In that first adventure, the whole guild went together to some ruins at the point where this very river next to us reaches the sea. We collected some treasure and some ancient records from the city. Then an army of drowneds came, but we managed to win against them after Arhalas defeated their leader."

  "Yes, Arhalas is definitely a great warrior," one of the others commented. "I'm very glad I was able to join his guild."

  "Indeed. After that adventure, we had enough tridents so that each of the guild members could use them. Even the tridents you've been given were from that time," Feridan said. "Well, it looks like we've arrived. Now we'll get to see what our upcoming adventure will be like."

  The three of them entered one of the buildings. Once inside, they sat down among the other guild members and waited. Soon other guild members also entered the room, and once everyone arrived, the meeting began.

  Arhalas, the leader and founder of the guild, stood up to speak. "Welcome to this meeting, adventurers! As you all know, our guild has been protecting this land of Rylar for years now, fighting hostile mobs and helping the nation's citizens when they are in danger. Now a new threat seems to be arising. Outposts of pillagers are appearing throughout the land. Carithian, the commander of the city guard, has sent word to me about the location of one such outpost near the city. There are enough of us that we should be able to capture it without difficulty. Do all of you want to participate in this quest?"

  The members of the guild were all in agreement: they would go on the adventure. They collected their weapons (bows and tridents), some potions of healing, and the other supplies they would need. After the adventurers were ready, they set out on their journey.

  The guild members left the city by the east gate and first went along the main east road. After a short while, they turned left off of the road in order to go northwards. Soon they came to a clearing and saw the outpost they were looking for ahead. Pillagers were walking about, unaware of the adventurers.

  "Archers, see if you can defeat any of the pillagers using arrows," Arhalas commanded.

  The archers in the group moved forward and waited. When the moment was right, they fired arrows at the pillagers outside. Many of the arrows were successful, but now the enemies were aware of the group's presence.

  Arhalas gave a new command. "Ready your tridents! Prepare to fight!"

  As a group of pillagers moved towards them, the adventurers drew their tridents and ran forward, dodging arrows as they advanced. Once the guild members reached their enemies, they began to fight. The pillagers, now at a disadvantage since they were only armed with crossbows, were no match for the well trained warriors armed with tridents.

  After defeating the first pillager group, the adventurers went inside the tower to defeat the few remaining pillagers. Having done that, they collected what few things of value were in the outpost tower and returned to the city. The guild members were glad of their success, but yet they realized that this was only the beginning. They had defeated one outpost, but there were more. The adventurers decided to stay alert and find any information they could about locations of other pillagers. When they found information, they would go on a new quest.

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