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The Pineapple Lords - Episode One: Pineapple Smashed

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---Pineapple Lords Episode One: Pineapple Smashed

Chuck looked at himself in the mirror. "I really have to shave", he said to himself, before brusing his teeth with his rustic looking toothbrush. "Hey, you ready? The guy that owes us money is at the resturaunt across town, we should hit him there", said Louis. Chuck turned around, Louis was a black male, six foot two, and had cornrows, and a bushy beard, obviously he has not shaven in months. Chuck nodded, scratching his chin. "What about the cops? Don't you think they'll show up?" Chuck said, spitting out his toothpaste in his mouth.

Chuck and Louis got in Chuck's beat up old punch buggie. "Well, I guess this will do, I mean, my truck is in the shop." Said Louis, with a slight chuckle. "Just get in, Louis, and stop your complaining, I mean, I have to go out in public with you" Chuck said, grinning. "So, you think this guy is gonna give us our money?" Chuck said, looking over at Louis. Louis just looked back at him, and pulled out a small glock. "Nah, dead men can't pay." Louis said. Chuck took a big gulp. "Beating people up for money is one thing, but killing somebody? Seems a little..harsh". Chuck said. Louis just laughed. "You got a lot to learn kid."

Chuck pulled over at the diner, and there was Tommy. Tommy was a young kid, about twenty. Addicted to slots, and lost over 50,000 dollars. Now, the gangs that give him their cash want him dead, and they sent Louis after him. "So, let me get this straight, we're hitmen now?" Chuck asked, holding his head. "Well, for now we are, once we get more money, then we can start up again." Louis said, cocking his gun.

Louis put his gun in his leather jacket, black. He walked up to Tommy, who was standing in the ally way beside the diner. "You Tommy?" Louis asked the kid. "Yeah, who are you?" Louis looked around and said to him. "I'm the guy that is going to put a bullet between your eyes." At that point, Louis pulled out his gun, and shot Tommy, point blank, four times in the head. "Lets get out of here, before the police show up" Louis said. The two ran back to their car, and they drove back to their apartment.

"Louis! You killed the poor kid!" Chuck said, stopping at the apartment. "What if somebody saw?" Chuck asked. "It does not matter anyways, plus, we're four thousand dollars richer". Louis said. They went inside their apartment, and who was standing there. Officer Morris. "You boys are coming with me, I was in the diner, and I saw what you did." Morris looked at them, with a slight grin. But then, a tall hispanic man came out from behind Morris. "Hey, Simba sends his regards." And he shot the Officer.

"Well, don't just stand there, we have to hide the body!" The man yelled. Chuck and Louis began to move the body towards the bathroom. "Alright, now, where is a good place to hide him?" The man asked. "Well..? My time is precious, think I have time to stand around with two guys like you?" He asked. "Well, the apartment next door is empty, so we can hide him there." Said Louis. "Good, now, go do it. Oh, and meet my boss and I at 142 Front Avenue."

"That was messy, I think I almost puked two times." Said Chuck, holding his mouth. "Where is this place? I can't find it." Chuck said, looking around in the darkness of the night. "Ah, there it is!" Said Louis, pointing to an old building, luminating. Chuck and Louis stepped out of the car, and walked towards the building. "How do we know they won't kill us?" Asked Chuck. Louis just smiled, "Because this is the guy who hired me to kill him." Louis said, with a chuckle. The two men opened the door, and around them, were crack labs.

"Welcome, to my Jungle" Said the white man, nicely dressed. "My name is Simba, I run the Crack Industry in the town, and I think you two would work nicely in my lab, welcome aboard." Simba said, giving them both looks of aggresion. "Do we have a choice?" Asked Chuck. Simba just laughed. "What do you think?"

New Part/"Episode" out next week! Stay tooned!

06/27/2012 11:43 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
When will you be back on steam :C?
06/27/2012 11:44 pm
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
Right now.
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