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avatar KarmaPolice
Level 34 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Aaah... this old chestnut. Change. Possibly the most controversial word Minecraft has ever been blessed with. Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing, Minecraft wouldn't be the game it is today if there was never any change. New mobs, new biomes, new blocks - Minecraft has seen some huge changes. Personally I remember the long awaited arrival of 1.8, and it seemed most of the changes, to me at least, were for the better. But in recent versions - 1.9, 1.12 - the changes have seemed to spark much more controversy and it does seem the game is migrating from the invisible boundaries that were once set in place. But I believe no change is without its benefits, no matter how minute they may be.
With ideas going into the future, I think it is important to acknowledge that nothing can please every player, and everyone wants something slightly different from the game.

Just remember - ´╗┐You're Free To Disagree!

My Idea
Now, you'll have to pardon the pun I'm afraid. My idea is to add pivots into the game. Yes, you heard correct. Now, to be more precise, I mean pivots as in a point on which something can rotate - for example - a wheel.
The idea itself can branch off in many directions - allowing simple vehicle mechanics, to something such as a windmill. While these ideas may seem far fetched for the game, I tried to instantiate them while maintaining the feel of the current game.

The Different Components
I'm sure we can all agree that a pivot on its own cannot achieve much. It needs to belong to a mechanism. I have come up with several ideas that can be included in this. These are vehicles, a wind mill, a water mill.
One new item is needed for all the components - the pivot item, crafted as so:

Now, I know what you're saying. "but this idea isn't original, this idea has been done before with mods" and "vehicles like cars don't belong and can't fit in a block game like Minecraft" - well to those with this opinion I say - hear me out on this one...
Let's quickly recap the current methods of transportation in Minecraft currently - we've got:
Those are the main methods in the game. Now I'm not talking fancy cars, I'm talking something much more... fitting.
Horse + Carriage
Seeing as Minecraft already has horses, why not put them to good use! Now riding horses can be fun, but this would add something extra to the game. Nothing that changes the main aspects of the game.

Mechanics - attaching the horse(s)!
You won't be going anywhere without the horses! To attach a horse to the cart, you simply right click the horse with a leash, and then right click the cart!
I'm willing to bet that you'll want to be able to control where the horses take you. You simply turn to look in the direction, and use the forward arrow. Horse and carts aren't really designed to reverse, so you'll have to do a U-Turn to turn around I'm afraid!
Spoiler - Crafting the Carriage!

Empty Cart

Horse Cart

Why not add a little something to the farming industry in Minecraft too? I would add horse drawn carts that
plough the ground (turns it into farmland where you ride over grass)
plants seeds
collects the harvest
I think farming in Minecraft has gone a tad untouched - and this would add a little more to it. Now if you're experienced, you're probably thinking to yourself that you could do all this quicker without these vehicles, and while that may be true, I think the carts will be a lot more fun.

Crop Mechanics:
There would be 3 new items - the plougher, the planter and the harvester. These can be added onto the default cart by right clicking it, and it will show a GUI with a slot to drop one of these items.

The Plougher
The plougher is used to turn large areas of grass into farmland by simply riding over it with a cart. It would do 3 at a time.

The Planter
The planter is used to plant seeds on a large area of farmland by riding over farmland on a cart that has it attached. You can right click the cart with it attached to load seeds to be planted, from wheat to potatoes!

The Harvester
The harvester is used to harvest crops on a large area of farmland by riding over them with a cart that has it attached. After collecting the crops, you right click the cart to open a GUI to retrieve the crops!

Wind Mill
Onto another part now and we're off to the Netherlands! You've just got to love a good old windmill. They have so much character. Have you ever thought to yourself that getting bread from wheat is a little too... easy?
Probably not is the answer - but I think they skip a step, going straight from wheat to bread - where's the flour?!

Back in the "olden days", the wheat/grain would have been crushed in the grindstone in a windmill, powered by nature's own WIND! Nowadays - not so much. I think adding this to Minecraft would make for a more authentic experience, and while I think we all can tell Minecraft isn't going for 100% realism, for me it would be a marvellous addition to the game.
For this, there would be a new block - the grindstone block. You would also have to craft 4 windmill blades and put them in a crafting table with a pivot to create the mill to place on a wall or wherever. You would use redstone connecting the mill to the grindstone for power, and the grindstone would have its own GUI for which to put in and take out the wheat/flour. Of course - a new item - flour - would be created from the grindstone, which you would use to make bread!

Mechanics - it's a breeze!
Windmills, as their name implies, are dependant on the wind - wind power. As a result, my idea would include a wind system in Minecraft, with differing directions and strength. This would mean that on some days, if the weather is clear, the wind will likely be lower, and produce a lower/slower yield of flour. However, when the weather is rainy or stormy, the wind will likely be higher speed, so will produce a higher/faster yield of flour. There would be random variations in speed and direction.
Spoiler - Crafting the Windmill!
Windmill Blade

Windmill item


Water Mill
Now, the watermill is basically an alternative to the windmill. However, instead of relying on wind power, the watermill, as its name suggests, relies on water power (hydropower). Because of this, it must be powered by running water.

Water in Minecraft is certainly not short of its uses - growing crops, xp farms and pretty landscapes are some of the uses. But why not add another use? I propose to use running water as power for the watermill. If the mill is in contact with either a flowing stream or waterfall, it will turn. This is then used to power a grindstone and grind your wheat!

Crafting the Mill:

These are several ideas I came up with to add to the game. But I'll say it again - You're Free To Disagree!
I tried to keep the ideas within the invisible boundaries of the game, and tried to ensure they kept the feel of the game.
I thought airplanes were a tad far fetched, although if the Wright Brothers could do it, I'm sure Steve could give it a go!
I apologise if I was at all brief or unable to successfully convey my ideas, and please accept my apology for the rather *cough cough* unsophisticated graphics!

What do you think? Could we one day see carts, windmills and watermills in the game? Is it too far fetched? Perhaps one day we may even be able to scrape the sky in light aircraft!

Stay minecrafting folks!

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  • Sapioit
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Crafter
  • August 23, 2017, 11:40 am
Iron ingot instead of iron block, remove or replace the diamont with stone.

Boat + 2 wheels = cart (usable by mobs, double-chest capacity)
Boat + 1 wheel + 2 sticks = wheelbarrow (usable by both mobs and players; single-chest capacity)
  • eagoy
  • Level 46
  • Master Lava Rider
  • August 17, 2017, 10:14 am
Nice blog, with presentation of the pictures. Besides it seems properly thought out.

Diamond for my fellow contestant!
This blog is great, I really like the way you formatted everything, and the pictures look pretty good. My one main complaint though is that Minecraft tends to avid items that you craft that are only part of another recipe, so the cart shouldn't use wheels in the recipe, or you could change the wheels to have more uses, so that their only purpose isn't being part of a crafting recipe.
  • KarmaPolice
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Creeper Hugger
  • August 4, 2017, 12:28 am
Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree with your point and I will try and find an alternative, thanks!

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