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The PMC Times 8/16

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avatar Malik807
Level 46 : Master Blacksmith


*Please Remember that the Story/Mystery is 100% fiction*

Jetfrog28 just made a blog named 'Why do People Cut Trees' it basically talked about why do people cut down trees, and it apparently reached the Pop Reel. Then Dollars commented 'I am totally relating to you!' But the next day, Jetfrog28 was surprised to see his blog was taken down by the one and only Paril, and Dollars say that Paril got mad at him for not taking down the blog. Jetfrog28 got curious and came to me to share his story to know why it was taken down. Now my answer is 98.6% sure fire the reason of the blog being taken down. Now dear readers...

What was the reason for Jetfrog28's blog being taken down by Paril, that Dollars did not know?

Last Week's Story Answer:
PixelBit, firstly, because no one can come back to chat when he/she is banned, secondly because Candlebor did not leave chat, Fanjawi really talked to Paril, so there was no one that fast as 15 seconds that can unban someone without someone paying attention(Candlebor) or is needed to be in chat(Fanjawi).

- Ludicrous, Writer


A Story of Love, Laughter and Imbeciles

"Ok, let's do this!" says Chunky. They head into the cave and... look around two corners to see if are were any mobs. "It's all good." whispered Chubbykins. "Uhhhhh, this way?" Chunky asks in confusion. "Let's try it." Chubbykins replies. They take a right and head deeper into the cave system. Look! Is that where we go through? asks Chubbykins pointing at an abandoned mine. "Yep" Chunky replies in relief. Down they went into the mine in hope to find the dungeon, along with Kitty. "Left!" yells Chunky. Suddenly a cave spider comes around the corner and jumps up on to him. "OH for FUDGE CAKE, get IT OFF! he screams in panic. Hold still, hold still! yells Chubbykins. Nope, he didn't hold still. Instead he went bouncing from wall to wall. Chubbykins got his iron sword out and stabs something eventually.

"Chubbykins, you magnificent stud! You saved me! " Chunky gleefully yells. "In your FACE MORTAL!" Chubbykins Screams at the dead spider. "Wait, I don't feel so good" Chunky sickly moans. "Oh, you must be poisoned." replies Chubbykins. "I've got something that will take care of that." Chubbykins says as he reaches into his bag. He then pulls out a bottle of milk. "Here, drink this." Chunky insisted handing over the milk. "Wait, why do you have milk?" Chunky asks. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just drink." Chubbykins answers with a slightly embarrassed tone. "DRINK SOUND!" Chunky screams after finishing the milk.

"Ok now that the brief intermission is over, let's take that left." Chunky says. After a few more turns and a game of Tetris, they finally make it to... the wrong side of the mine. "Back the other way!" Chunky says enthusiastically. 2 more games of Tetris later, they arrive at the dungeon. They carefully head inside and find Kitty huddled in the corner. "Kitty!" Chunky yells. He runs over and helps her up. "I'm so sorry about leaving you here" Chunky says with guilt. "You WHAT!?!" screams Kitty. "You didn't notice?o asks Chunky. "I thought you were taking a wiz!" she replies. "For 2 days!?!" Chunky asks surprised. "Yes" Kitty replies. "Now that it's all settled, let's get the HELL OUT OF HERE! They Bolted out of the dungeon, through the mine and back in the cave system where something is waiting for them and no it's not Chubbykins's grandma in the morning. "What is that?" Chubbykins asks. It comes out of the darkness and it's a...

Tune in next time for another exiting adventure of The Adventures of Chunky and his Faithful Companion Chubbykins.

To be continued.

- Halorules555, Writer and Reporter


(IP: hivemc.eu)

What is The Hive? Ito s a server network hosting a wide range of mini games such as The Herobrine, Trouble in Mineville and Survival Games. In the Arcade, youo ll also find Splegg, Hide no Seek, and One in The Chamber. All games are easily accessible from the spawn and you can also use quick commands to reach them. Thato s the best thing about The Hiveo ito s simple and easy to get around, plus the spawn (o the hubo ) is well-designed and generally nice to look at.

You may not have heard of this server as it doesno t appear to be on PMC, yet ito s extremely busy with thousands of people playing every day. But the next good thing about The Hive is that, unlike the Hypixel server and many others, you dono t have to suffer lago you dono t see any other players until youo re actually in the game. No more struggling amongst a bustling crowd nor jumping just to read a sign if you join The Hive. Furthermore, you can view all your statistics online and report any bugs in the forums. Which is useful.

However, the main problem arises when you attempt to join the games themselves. In the Survival Games section, for instance, despite there being 90 possible servers to join, ito s difficult to get into them with so many players trying to do the same thing. You end up standing in the lobby for ages, running over to signs and right-clicking on them for ages, only to be bombarded with the message: o Only premiums can join full games!o

Sadly, ito s true. Even if you do get into a game, a premium can take your place and kick you out, leaving you with a feeling of pure irritation. Basically, if you dono t have premium status, youo re going do a lot of waiting around before getting into the gameplay. So is it worth paying to avoid this? Well, at $20 for a 1 month premium membership, $50 for 3 months and over $130 for a lifetime, ito s a o noo from me. You can also buy o Hive passeso so in o The Herobrineo , youo ll guarantee being Herobrine himself. And in o Trouble in Minevilleo youo ll definitely get to be o the traitoro . I myself would call this an absolute rip-off. No wonder The Hive makes (reportedly) hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in profits.

This is unfortunately becoming more common on servers; the owners think of as many ways as possible of raking money out of people who get only small benefits in return. Players are forced to wait, seeing the people with fancy-coloured names joining the games instantly, and theyo re tempted. It blatantly isno t worth it, but the temptation to upgrade is very strong. If youo re a person whoo s easily tempted and not rich, then stay away from The Hive. (Or log in at night-time when thereo s not many people online so you can just join a game easily.)

But the problems dono t end there. You still have to suffer unnecessarily long waiting times between the point of joining a game and actually playing it. Sure, you can do something else during that 2-4 minute period, but it still drags. Plus, the server seems to have got too many players too fast, because there just areno t many maps at the moment. There are several Survival Games mapso but I found that people were just voting for 3 or 4 of them and didno t like the others. I found myself playing the same map 3 times in a row once. Thereo s only 5 Hide no Seek maps and a similar number for Splegg, and most of them look very similar anyway. Finally, another much-needed improvement would be parkour in the arcade lobbies. If weo re being forced to wait so long, some blocks to jump on would be a nice way to ease the pain.

The owners of The Hive say theyo re bringing out more servers and gameso which means less waiting. Thereo s also a mountain of submitted maps on the website (hivemc.com) which could appear very soon. Which should solve most of the problems. Also, Paintball is a new game that will soon be released in the Arcade, along with a o token shopo which will allow players to save up their rewards and buy power-ups In some shape or form. But wono t this make it harder for newcomers, thereby making it unfair? And will the expansion be enough to accommodate all the new players that are joining every day? Will they bring parkour to the arcade lobbies, and lower prices for premium status? Dono t get me wrong, I love the mini games and enjoy playing them, but The Hive has some serious problems it needs to address in the near future. Still, in the meantime, I would recommend that you try it out for yourself. Just dono t be tempted to give them any money.

- SoggyTractor, Writer



If you would like to see more of this groupo s comics, you can find them here.

If you have become a Folicorow groupie, then you can see all of his comics here!

- Folicorow, Artist


Minecraft Horror Story will not just make you scared, but it will make you contemplate the things you think you see when you are playing Minecraft. Could there actually be spirits in the Minecraft world besides Herobrine? What is there that Mojang is not telling us? Watch and enjoy the Minecraft Horror Story!

Whenever a new update releases for Minecraft we enjoy it for a few days, then we get back to how we are otherwise, ogling about the next update. Some 1.7 features/plans have been announced by Mojang many have things to do with the environment. Two biomes have been suggested and planned to be added the clay canyon and redwood forest biomes. Also one of the most annoying things in Minecraft is to be fixed partly, random black spots. If that isno t exciting enough just wait till you hear about seasons being implemented into Minecraft as well. Every so often the leaves of trees will change color for a few minutes or so giving a seasonal effect into Minecraft. Talking about trees there might be a cherry tree. Other key features are scoreboard changes, achievement rewiring, a community oriented feature, and snow spawning depending on Y level. To read more about what might be instored in minecraft 1.7 check out http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_features

- XxLordSolomonxX, Editor


Hey Minecraftians! Io m a new recruit for The PMC Times, and I will be bringing you only the best stories. In other words Io m the new Reporter in town! Today I will be talking to peytonisgreat about his New Adventure Map Entombed.

RavenLords: Why did you decide to make the map Entombed?

peytonisgreat: It first started out as a single battle type of thing that I tried to make after watching some of Disco's videos. The original was pretty much the pyramid level of Entombed, nut got destroyed. I remade the level, and just kept adding things.

RavenLords:What is the main point in the map Entombed?

peytonisgreat: The main point of the map is to progress through the map to escape from the tomb, fighting monsters and solving puzzles on the way. I hope to one day make Chapter 2, where you will actually get out of the tomb. :p

RavenLords: How where you first introduced to Minecraft?

peytonisgreat: I first found Minecraft during a really early episode of Kevin's Let's Play (The guy who does the how to annoy people CoD). I started playing the free classic version for about a year, until I finally got the full version.

RavenLords: Is anyone else working with you to build Entombed Adventure Map?

peytonisgreat: I had my friend Chris do some testing before I released, but other than that I built it solo, block by block.

RavenLords: When are you planning on finishing Chapter 2?

peytonisgreat: It will probably be a while, with school starting and having to get a job soon. I do intend to finish chapter 2 one day.

RavenLords: Well we all can't wait until you post Chapter 2 of the Entombed Adventure Map. Thank you for your time.

peytonisgreat: Thanks for taking interest in my map :)

Thanks for reading about the New Adventure Map Entombed! Go check out peytonisgreat! Until next timeo ¦COOKIES FOR ALL! To read more about what might be in store in Minecraft 1.7 check out

- RavenLords, Reporter


Chief_zpsejpgBalls Out Revolutionary. That is all.

- Mal
Credithalorules555, Ludicrous, RavenLords, Folicorow, XxLordSolomonxX, SoggyTractor,

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  • Ludicrous
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  • August 17, 2013, 7:45 pm
Yay, Folicorow took my advice of making comics for PMC Times :3
  • munchiesyum
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  • August 18, 2013, 10:09 am
well we got a group of comic makers and readers and writers together. I talked to Malik and he agreed that he wanted a comic section in the PMC times. From that the C.R.C.A.G got their comics in the PMC times. We have a weekly comic contest that members of the C.R.C.A.G can enter. On posting day of the PMC times Malik picks a comic to be in the PMC times.

Creator of the [size=10pt]C.R.C.A.G[/size]
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  • August 17, 2013, 8:56 pm
Is what I like to call "lègit" c:
  • BobbyJones
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  • August 17, 2013, 8:25 pm
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  • August 16, 2013, 7:05 pm
Hehe Foliocrow! Yay! Just a side note Malik. I'll get my article done soon and up running. Just been a bit lazy :P
  • ewpolly1
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  • August 16, 2013, 5:15 pm
SoggyTractor, in Hypixel you can jump through crowds to read a sign and suffer lots of lag, or you can just click the magic clock in your inventory and only have mods and up visible
The front cover is TRIPPY!
  • munchiesyum
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  • August 16, 2013, 12:39 pm
Awesome ! Thanks for the comic section Malik !
I just turned my living room into a zoo.
  • Malik807
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  • August 16, 2013, 11:07 am
Balls Out Revolutionary.
What does that even mean?!
I'm no american, but I think he is referring to the ball rounds from the revolution.
  • Folicorow
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  • August 16, 2013, 9:09 pm
What the hell?
No, I think he means that it's Balls Out Revolutionary it's an expression. Hahaha.
Ah ha, but what does it mean?

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