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The Portal to the End [Comic Series]

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avatar Timothis_1213
Level 2 : Apprentice Artist
!!! New Pages Will be Delayed as of (6/1/20) !!!

Hey! I'm new to the site. I wanted to share a semi-serious comic I'm working on with you guys. I hope it's up to standards. Since it's in B/W, it's pretty easy to publish new pages. THIS INFORMATION IS NOW IRRELEVANT.

Each page takes me about 4-6 hours, which is a pretty good time in my opinion.

I really hope I can finish this comic, unlike the many others that have been left in the dust that I've seen on this site; which actually inspired me to make this comic in the first place. (I don't care that they're 3-4 years old shut up I know this site's old)

I'm still learning digital art, so you're definitely going to see some major changes throughout the series, whether it be line art, color, art style, etc. Hurray for inconsistency. What can I say? An artist has to start somewhere. Also, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

I do not own any of the characters from the game, Minecraft, all rights go to Mojang and Microsoft blah blah blah blah

Behold, my Minecraft headcanon. Enjoy.

(Reading at 200% zoom is recommended, at least for my display. It's hard to read the text sometimes.)

(Check my profile for other things if you want)

Other Stuff

Introduction: A Clash of Faith! (CURRENTLY BEING REMASTERED)

Chapter 1: Unfriendly Encounters!

9 Update Logs

((Hiatus on New Pages)) : 06/01/2020 7:50:40 pmJun 1st

-Read the first spoiler.

05/18/2020 10:09 am
Level 35 : Artisan Fish
Dude this is awesome! I'll definitely stick around for the rest!
05/18/2020 6:48 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Artist
Thanks, I really appreciate it!
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