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The Problem With bad staff

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avatar TheMicronAverian01
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Im sure most of you have been on many servers.

We expereince the good and the bad of the server and thier staff, be it abusive staff, annoying stadd, or generally useless staff. Today, ill be talking about ALL of them.

[Useless Staff]

I talk about this one first, becuase it is my PRIME example, heck, i even have a screenshot.

Please note, all non-involved people's names are blacked out for privacy reasons. I will not include the server in this post because it will just backfire and draw more attention to this server, which is not what i want.


Just look at that, they dont answer me, they dont even reply or bother to apologise about what happened, they just
muted me. Flat out muted me.


Just look how they treat this player? He is new btw, apparently he "always" sucks up to the owner.

Notice that it says greifing in village = perm ban? Not in this case.


No, just NO! That is NOT how a server owner is supposed to handle things. Leave a single sign?

No apology? No saying he'll rectify the situation? No explanation as to what the hell happened?

How about no? Worse off, now i can't even build in my own house. DOnt get me wrong, this is NOT a factions/pvp server. Not!

People are not allowed to steal stuff. If he was comptent to install logblock or core inspector mabye we could have known who the heck it was. But NO!

This is definately one of the worst cases of falsely advertising [Good staff] [Freindly community] [Lots of plugins].

[Abusive staff]

These staff just flat out abuse thier powers. Either they have a lot of suck ups who support them or they are directly related to the owner, because most of them are just getting away with robbery.

They can abuse in all forms, such as using thier powers to exploit the server, mute/kick a player simply because they dont like him/her/it, and flat out insult them while they cant respond. Now, im not saying ALL staff are bad, in fact, there are many good staff, but these idiots just ruin the good names of staff in general.

The fact that nothing is done about them is the worse part.

[Terrible server owners]
I once used to be an admin on a server, so i know how difficult it is to run a server.
But really? When you are free and doing nothing in general, its granted that you should
help out a few player here and there when they need you directly.

Or when they just flat out ignore a problem with the server, eg: Pvp not working on a pvp server.

Plugins crashing, server not updating 3 months after the latest bukkit build.

To continue the story of me being an admin, a fellow admin abused his creative powers.
Needless to say all the admins were demoted and the owner got really pissed.

While demoting all admins was unesssacary, at least action was taken.

[A ending]

I write a challange to you all, post in the comments about your experience with bad staff.

If you share the same feelings, post an agreement, if you have never exprienced bad staff ( lucky you)
then share it too.

Diamond if you like it, dont diamond if you dont want to. Idc. Bye.


08/17/2014 2:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
i hate girl staffs they belong in the kitchen
02/16/2014 2:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I couldn't agree with you more, i recently got banned from a server that had abusive staff. It was a survival server and an Admin kept messing with me then started to kill me. I informed him that Admins are not supposed to mess with players and he said he wasn't doing it, we were the only two on the server at the time. I am not going repeat what i said to the Admin but it got me banned. I left a nice note for all to see on their PMC page about how if you like to get Harassed then this is the server for you. Now I kinda do an interview with staff and owners before i select a server to play on. It is awful to put time in a build only to get banned later.

The kicker is the owners page on PMC says he thoroughly interviews all staff before he mods anyone. False advertising indeed. The admin that harassed me couldn't even spell. Yes i was in the wrong for my outburst too but nothing makes me more angry than an Admin abusing his powers
02/18/2013 11:42 pm
Level 25 : Expert Blockhead
I completely agree with you. I actually was about to make a blog like this but now I see you already did.
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