[The Rant] The ads here suck!

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avatar DoctorWoo
Level 53 : Grandmaster Nerd
I've noticed a sudden increase in the blogs concerning the ads on this site, and how their either: A)Stupid or B)Trying to sell me pornography. These blogs, as most people on this site will agree with, are annoying. Not only because there has got to be dozens of this blogs made just this week alone, but because these ads are needed, and targeted.

First off, why do we need these "stupid" ad's anyways? Easy: without them, we wouldn't be here. Ads are set up to do just that: advertise. Advertising cost money, as we all hopefully know. With that said, keeping a site up and running also cost money. Well...at least a site of this magnitude. But why am I going off about money? LEt's break it down: running website = need $. Need $ = Need income. Hosting ads = Income. So the ad's basically allow the site to run with little to no cost. This is a very basic explanation of it, as I'm sure there are other finical things going on with this site to keep it running, and if I'm too horrible wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me. But that's why we have ad's here.

But hold on...why do I get ads for pornography?! Again, easy: it's called targeting. Ads on website work in many ways, and two of the most common are either a direct ad (the company being advertised is from the company) or is ran by a company (meaning this company has a window, which will run random ads). PMC has both (at least from what I have seen) and the ones ran by the advertising company are usually targeting. Again, I don't understand website ad 100%, but I know enough from common sense and watching what I look at to know why I'm getting the ads I am. For example: I looked on eBay about an hour ago for a xBox 360 controller. And fancy that, the ad to the right of the text field I'm typing in is for an xBox 360 controller. With that said, the ads will check your basic internet history, and find things realtive to you. "But I never look at porn!!" Well, you may not, but someone on your computer did on your browser at one point, thus why your getting those ads.

So what did we learn today? If it's "ad are stupid" then fine, I'll give you that. They can be annoying, and some of them are just plain ignorant. But with how this site is set up, you learn to completely ignore the ads, and carry on with your Minecraft related escapades. So please, stop whining about how "stupid" the ads are, and how "the admins should not sell porn on this site" as the ads are need, and the content is controlled more by you then it is this site.

02/28/2012 12:34 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Hunter
Makes sense.
Diamond get for you!
02/28/2012 1:05 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Nerd
Thank ye' kindly!
02/27/2012 11:45 pm
Level 24 : Expert Dragon
just get adblock lol
02/27/2012 11:48 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Nerd
That just proves my point even further XD
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