[The Rant] We're not hired help!

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avatar DoctorWoo
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More and more I'm seeing blogs an forum posts asking for help, which in itself isn't annoying. The bothersome part of this posts is what the people do when you do offer your help.

Let me explain:
  • If your going to ask for help with a plugin that requires a config file that would need to be edited, you can be easily helped. But if you don't tell people the version, or say "I dunno" no one can help you.
  • Lets say you need help with a permission plugin. Almost all perm-plugs have a YML file, along with command driven perm editing, and a YML/SQL file to be edited. Again, most people will have no issue helping you to set up the files for you, but their not going to do it all.
  • Making a server? Great: but you need to be helpful yourself in the creation of it. People aren't going to go out of their way to make you a server from scratch if your not going to help. The people who would, already have, and are called "server owners"

Now, my examples kinda suck, admittedly, but the main point of "do some of the work yourself" is still there. People aren't going to everything for you for free, which, 9 out of 10 posts I see, ask for free help. And even then, the people who know what their doing want to teach you how to do what their doing so you can run your server properly.

And yes, I know this blog is..well..crappy, but it's been on of those things here on PMC that has bugged me to no end.
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