The Ravine

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avatar Russicat
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Falling, falling, always falling. It wasn't supposed to be this way, it was never supposed to be this way. Life is sacred, and it is always sad when it it lost. Every life is valuable, there is not one meaningless of worthless. Yet what happened? To see you fall down that ravine, never to be seen in this life again. I again testify all life is precious, spend your days well. Never is it too late, always hope can be found, even in the darkest places, an the lowest places. Even in the lowest, deepest, darkest parts of the ravine, where no light will shine, and all seems but lost, still then is your life more precious than the rarest of all jewels. If from the path you were on, you wander off, never is it impossible to get back. When the nigh is dark, and the moon refuses to shine, even in the darkest night, there is still light. And on the seas that tumble and turn by waves, even then there is peace. When the rain beats down like heavy weights, even then, this is a joy that outlasts the storm. Whatever comes, whatever passes by, even when you make the depths of the ravine your dwelling place, know that you are loved, and that you are more precious an more valuable than any material wealth. And more so than the flowers of the field, and of the animals that roam the earth. Life is precious and it never looses any of its value, not even in the deepest lowest parts of the ravine.
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