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100 blocks in 5 seconds (The REAL fastest mode of transportation)

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avatar XylClan
Level 40 : Master Turtle
For a while I have been trying to find out the fastest way to travel whether it's on servers or in single player. As far as going up or down falling and ladders seems to be the easiest and fastest method but the real best one for horizontal travel may surprise you. It isn't mine carts, it's not by boat or by sprinting but by a ice tunnel. Now let me explain, so as many of you may know ice makes you go faster while sprint jumping and if you make a 2 block tall tunnel with ice at the bottom and press the space bar as fast as you can you go at least 2-3 times faster than a all powered mine cart trail. That alone is the fastest way but if you add on swiftness 2 from a simple potion you can go over 100 blocks in 5 seconds! I will be releasing a downloadable map showing all the differant ways to go up down and side to side very soon and let you see for yourself!
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