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The real story of minecraft Pt. 3

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~~~Part 4 now up~~~

Steve threw the corpse of the burnt creature down to the bottom of the river near his shack. He then proceeded to wash his hands, getting rid of the burnt ash from under his fingernails and such. During the whole event with the creature, he realized that even he hadn't seen a single creature spawn in light. It dawned on him that the reason the creature appeared in his home, was the fact that it was dark in there. He figured that if there's darkness, there's monsters. He had a faint memory of how to make light, a fire even.

He went back to his shack and proceeded to make a workbench. He then stopped what he was doing. "How did I know how to do this?", "What's this even for?", thoughts like that raced through his head and he just thought harder and harder about the workbench, hoping that he would have another thought like it. His thinking paid off as he was seeing dull memories, he saw sticks, a sword, torches. Recipes for materials were slowly coming back. He had no idea where he had learned this or where to get the supplies for the recipes. He concentrated even harder now. It was becoming just a bit clearer. He started remembering how to make sticks and torches but the memory went away before he could fully remember it. He just had a faint image of sticks and a coal. Something about it seemed incredibly familiar. But he remembered, on his way back he saw coal on the side of a small hill. Maybe somehow he can extract the coal from the stone within the hill. Besides, what does he have to lose.

He grabbed, pulled, and even hit the coal with a stick from the ground. Nothing. He kept wondering how the hell he could get the coal from the hillside. He brought his workbench and placed it down and noticed it had a small recipe book on it. There were only 5 pages but it was better than nothing. Steve sat down on the nearest block and flipped open the book.

Page 1:
How to construct a simple
Step 1: Acquire coal and sticks
Step 2: Construct it as show below:

He flipped the pages and it had recipes for Pickaxes, Jukeboxes, Swords, and Ovens. Considering the pickaxe looked like the only useful tool at the moment, he decided to craft it and after about 30 minutes of constructing a poorly made pickaxe, he was ready to mine the coal. He walked back over to it then proceeded to swing at it with all his strength. The coal cracked. After a couple more swings, it finally broke and Steve picked up the coal. He went back over to his workbench and then looked up the recipe and crafted a couple of torches. He then gathered all of his materials and blocks, and went back to his shack.

Steve hung up a few torches around his shack and blocked the doorway with dirt blocks. He then finally, fell asleep, and for once, didn't get attacked by creatures.

It was daytime already and Steve just woke up. The rest of his day was just constructing tools, supplies, and even made himself a bed out of the wool he ripped from a sheep that was near his shack. He even taught himself to make shovels, axes, and a door for the his shack. The day went by quick for him and he was about to go inside his shack and sleep for the night, when all of the sudden he saw a light out of the corner of his eye. He quickly spun and faced the light in the distance, and he thought he could a house. He felt a sudden surge of happiness. After being alone for what seemed like a week, he finally found someone. He wasn't sure whether to go now or wait till tomorrow. He figured that he should go the next day considering the possibility of getting killed.

Turns out he's not the only one there.

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11/14/2011 12:26 am
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Make more!
11/13/2011 3:15 am
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Epic fail.
11/13/2011 3:55 am
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11/13/2011 1:45 pm
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11/12/2011 8:18 pm
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BlueDude35 avatar
make 4th nao
11/13/2011 1:11 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
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Probably tomorrow. Later today.
11/12/2011 7:11 pm
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Mango360 avatar
wow this is awesome, keep up the good work!
11/13/2011 1:12 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
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11/12/2011 6:23 pm
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necrontyr avatar
npc village :D
11/13/2011 1:12 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
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