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The RMS Oceanic (part I)

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avatar Wooouh
Level 34 : Artisan Vampire
On my dad's computer i'll build the RMS Oceanic (it's 5 % done xD) The 'grandpa' of Olympic-class.But this ship is embarassing,isn't it ?
The stupid is that i cant find interior images.And now i have to build the ship with an inaccurate interior.I want to build the RMS Campania,too but my computer lags out too much.Now i have the big ships by cronos and another people,but i can build my own ship on my computer.So my ships like the Bluetanic in virtual sailor are stolen.By cwsl in minecraft and by strods1 in virtual sailor.And i asked cronos to build the Bluetanic.And he said:this is a violation of cwsl,this ship is his idea ! ohhh..Im sick so i'll make part II of the article

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