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The Rules of Minecraft (My Version)

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avatar SymplyJelly_
Level 44 : Master Fox
Ok, If you do not believe in Herobrine (Referred to as 'Him' on the list) Ignore that rule, or part of Rule, otherwise, Enjoy!
Rule 16's song choices are My preferred ones, not the best, if you have picks, use them!

Minecraft Rules (Symple Edition):

Rule #1: Never Dig Straight Down (Unless you're AntVenom)

Rule #2: You are never TOO Prepared.

Rule #3: Avoid Green, Moving Dicks (Osama's Children)

Rule #4: Never take Wolves to caves. (I Am Legend feels)

Rule #5: Remember Coords, never go too far from Home

Rule #6: Look both ways before crossing Lava Lakes.

Rule #7: Diamonds below Level 16, never dig straight down toward them, dig


Rule #8: You are NEVER safe. Watch your Six.

Rule #9: Make good tools before EVER venturing out.
*Extra*: Take A stack or two of Wood.

Rule #10: Skeletons and Lava are not a good mix!

Rule #11: Hear creepy music in a cave? Make a Shelter ASAP.
One of 2: Monster (lots), or Him.

Rule #12: If you think you can, and you will take the risk, Go kill that army of

Evil Mobs, if not, RUN, FOREST, RUN!

Rule #13: Expect the worst when entering cave, even Him.

Rule #14: If you got a pig, a saddle, and a Carrot on a stick, use it when you

are Moving houses.

Rule #15: See a Cow? Kill it. See a Pig? Kill it. See a Chicken? Collect ALL the eggs. See a Sheep? Take the wool for funnies.

Rule #16: Think you can handle a epic mob battle? Turn on some Rock Songs!
Queen- We are the Champions.
Queen- We Will Rock You
AC-DC- Hell's Bells
Sum 41- Walking Disaster
Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Green Day- St. Jimmy
INXS- Suicide Blonde

Or: Ride of the Valkyries

Rule #17: In Multiplayer, don't travel Alone. No one fights alone.

Rule #18: Even when you think you're a gonner, there's hope.

Rule #19: Don't look for Diamonds above Level 16!

Rule #20: Don't ever leave the Door to your home Open (Unless it's Peaceful)

And Lastly
Rule #21: Expect Him, even if you don't believe. A Ghost in the Machine thrives for the souls of those who do 'not' fear him. Even the toughest of players have nothing against his insane knowledge.
CreditSt WildCard St Jimmy Suicidal Soldier Epic Rules 1-21! EVERYTHING to a Newbie Used in PMC Official Server

10/11/2019 7:03 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
i have another rule
always put ceilings on your house
10/10/2013 4:11 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Archer
I'm not afraid! *Shivering on his chair.* I teabag Herobrines for breakfast. *Writing will* COME AND GET ME YOU WHITE EYED N00- *You kicked the bucket.* WHAT?! HOW DID I DIE?! *White eyes on all animals.* Okay..that's creepy. *Herobrine teleporting. Quits game* Symply? Ummm. Sorry. Hehehe...
05/29/2013 10:33 am
Level 29 : Expert Grump
Well done SymplyJelly_! That's good advice and pretty funny! Good job!
05/28/2013 3:48 am
Level 47 : Master Answer
Amazing. ;D
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