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The Scary Mansion

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avatar GalaxyGamer Green
Level 17 : Journeyman Unicorn
Once there was a young mischievous boy who made everyday mischief day. He walked around the neighborhood throwing eggs, smashing, windows. Everyone got mad at him and everyone was outside everyday guarding their homes. Except, there was this one house where they didn't clean up after the boys mess. They didn't guard their home and the boy notices this home of mansion i should say. The boy went home but, the boy had no home no where to sleep in comfort. He snuck into restaurants and cafes to make dinner. As you can tell he isn't the most popular kid of his generation. After he noticed they never stopped guarding their homes he gave up the grieving thing for that time. The actual mischievous night nobody was guarding their homes, nobody was living in their homes. The flowers and tree were decaying. Vines were growing along the roof and over the windows where there were keep out signs and a red liquid. Spider weds were everywhere and their ponds were a really dark green and seemed to have skeletons in them. The boy was so scared he tried to run away but trees were falling left and right and the only place he can go was the mansion. It seemed different the last time he came. It was the only clean house in the neighborhood. The ponds were fresh, the planter were alive, it wasn't overgrown. Something struck the boy, There is a million dollar mansion and yet there are no signs of transportation, no cars nor bikes, nothing. The boy felt a weird felling once he steps into to property. He was about to knock on the door when it opened. 5 walking skeletons came to him. HE RAN FOR THE DOOR!!! He tried to leave but something was holing him back. The boy turned around and saw a human. The house keeper. "Trying to leave already? The torture has just begun"!! The boy looked at a broken mirror and saw nothing. He wasn't there, its like he disappeared. "You shall now be my ghost prizoner for eternity. The floor felt like quick sand and when he was all the way down, something came up. His skeleton! >:D

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