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The Secret of the Cocoa Beans - Finale!

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avatar Gaz10
Level 34 : Artisan Herobrine
(The Secret of the Cocoa Beans Part 1 was released 2 Years Ago so I should probably just finish this thing)

... The spiders and their king reached closer to Nick saying "There is no Dark Lord, The only darkness in this world is you Nick!, and you shall die!" Back at the castle John McLaver picked up a sword and dived into the portal. I taken him to Nick.
"Nick, is it you?"
"Who are you?" asked the spider
"I am John McLaver, I AM THE KING!"
Nick looked very surprised although this was probably not the time to be surprised. John stabbed the spider king with his sword and it fell to the ground.
"Where's the dark lord?" asked John
"There isn't one, it's just a myth."
John was happy until he felt something touch him, it was spider venom. John screamed as it hurt him. The spider king got up and jumped for Nick but just in time Nick picked up the sword and stabbed it through the head.
"JOHN, WAKE UP JOHN PLEASE!" shouted Nick.
"It's OK Nick, you are king now."
"The cocoa beans? What were they?"
"A secret, a secret that must never be told... The Secret of The Cocoa Beans!"

The End

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