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The Shack: Part 2 [Scary]

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avatar ItzSkullCrusher
Level 19 : Journeyman Artist

"We saw them. Ugly, distastrous, and wet."       

Part 2 -- THE          SHACK

So there we were lured into a trap, how stupid of us to look into that shi**y old shack, anyway?  There were at least 6 human

corpses in there, and we didn't know WHAT to do when we saw it. We dont know what it was. Well.

I dont know what it was.  Derek was struck in the back and fell down face-first dead.  I looked behind me and there must have

been two of them.  I grabbed the first ones weapon with struggle.  Suddenly I was thinking what I was going to do and what I

was going to say to my parents, while I was thinking, I was knocked down again.  Luckily while I was falling I kicked the other

one in the shin and made him fall.

I grabbed his machete and ran.  I couldn't give that other maniac two of them, and I had to get out of there before the other one

got up.  I ran to my neighbor's house.  I rang the doorbell and no one answered, I broke the glass door with the machete and

broke in, it was the only thing that came to my mind at the time.  I went into the kitchen for safety, when I went in there I saw

someone who was hanging from a rope on the ceiling, me, being an observer and all, saw there was a struggle, and knew that

they did not hang themselves. I was freaking out, man.  Finally, I didn't know how to fuc**ng know how to drive at all, but I got in

the car with a bloody body in the shotgun seat, strapped on and drove.  I have to admit I was a pretty good driver.  I drove to my

grandparents and asked them for help and they said "You're out of your mind son!"  "You need to stop playing those video

games!"  They would never believe me, soon after that I heard them coming again, I dont know how they caught up, but they

did.  They slaughtered my grandparents, and then attempted at me, with 3 family members dead already, I was about to have

an outrage, I took my machete and out of rage sliced off the one monsters head, the other creature tried to stab me in the head

now.  I held up the other head and he stuck the sword through it, while it was in shock I tripped it and stabbed its stomach, but

he was not done fighting, he grabbed a wine bottle and hit me upside the head with it.  Then I woke up.

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