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MerryAries avatar MerryAries
Level 54 : Grandmaster Pixel Painter
I used to just upload my skins to the Skindex page, until i was told i should upload to planetmincraft. ever since then, i had been growing more and more unsatisfied with the Skindex page. I wanted to know how many ppl actually downloaded my skins for example. So yesterday I decided to join planetminecraft and give it a try. Aside from how slow the site moves sometimes, it seems much better~ Although I still use the Skindex for a rly quick preview, I'm not uploading there anymore.

Within 2 hours of me joining i already had 3 subscribers O.o granted i did upload all my previous skins at once, but thats still more than what i had in the Skindex. c': I feel so appreciated it makes me want to skin more often again. I had stopped since I felt like no matter how much I thought my OWN skins were amazing and accurate, that no one else felt the same except my boyfriend at the time. I'll call him blue. Blue and i still talk daily and everything.

What sucks though is apparently since I uploaded the skin I made especially for him (Dante), and a single person downloaded it, he wants me to make him a whole new skin -facepalm- The Dante from the new DMC. and I'm not allowed to upload this one. :c once he gets bored with it (which it could be a while) i'll finally upload it. It's a shame though. I did a rly good job on it. I think. Really hard to make him NOT look flamboyant.

Starting to wonder if anyone actually KNOWS the characters theyre giving diamonds to or favoriting. i think about 90% of my skins right now are from Tales of Symphonia (GREAT GAME), but i think i'll be running out of characters and outfits to make soon :/ then i'll have to move on to a different Tales :D

oh also, i do have my personal texturepack to upload still. might do that tomorrow. and hey since you can upload your mods, maybe i'll do that when im done converting to forge.

QUESTION: Do i count in how many views my skin has?

Song of the day: Peach's Birthday Cake theme from Mario Party

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12/11/2012 8:04 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
botcon boy
botcon boy avatar
I dont know you but just for no reason im going to give u a diamond and a sub. plz leave a comment in my blog of origami ideas if u want to see something made out of origami
12/11/2012 7:58 pm
Level 42 : Master Lad
a-b avatar
I really like your skins! :D I think I was your first subscriber... O_o. Glad you're using PMC! I'm sure that the community will appreciate your wonderful skins very much! ^-^ To answer your question: I guess you don't have to count them, but every view you get, you get 1 EXP.
12/11/2012 8:49 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Pixel Painter
MerryAries avatar
Thanks~ What i mean is if i look at the skin, does the number of views go up. Also are you familiar with the Tales series?
12/11/2012 10:41 pm
Level 42 : Master Lad
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Oh... Sorry. xD Um... I don't think that when the maker of the skin views their own work the views go up. I suppose you could make a fake account and then go a-trolling... And about the Tales series, I don't think I've ever heard of it... :P
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