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The Skopulusians - MC Wallpaper

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RADI0R avatar RADI0R
Level 35 : Artisan Artist
So a couple years ago we've started a private SMP to play vanilla minecraft without the fear of griefing or bullying. I've posted some various art related to it to some degree in the past (such as the biome wallpapers, which were taken on the server's seed). Fast forward to this summer and my friends have started creating their own OCs and lore connected to them. I've liked this idea so much that I promised them to draw a "group photo" of us when there's enough OCs. And they didn't disappoint, so neither did I. Hope you like what I made as much as they did and if you're curious about any of them don't hesitate to ask anything :D

The Skopulusians - MC Wallpaper

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