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The Skylands Part 1

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avatar Yzmir
Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Once upon a time in the very high sky of minecraft there was A race Called the Skylanders!
They were Peaceful people...However They haven't met the humans on land.....They never seen one and what they look like.....Their King Treandale was a was Wise man who took care of his skylands like no other.....One day He had a son! He named him Raylus....After he had grown to 6 His father have been teaching him all about fighting and surviving...did I forgot to mention the skylanders can fly too? His father thought him how to fly...in the age of 10 Raylus has become a very powerful fighter...He had beaten every Knight in the skyland. After a year Treandale had another son, and he named him Hejog....But Raylus was upset....at the age of 5 Hejog had started to Train with his father, when Raylus saw them training he said to his father: 'Father, Why didn't you teach me how to fight at the age of 5?' The father replied ' It's because at that age you didn't want to fight yet....every skylander should be trained at the age of 5..' Raylus was surprised by this answer...after a year Raylus's eyes were itching after a minute his left eye started to bleed...Raylus was screaming in pain Until his father heard him he came outside as fast as he Could and his father told him 'Are you alright?! Open your eyes!' And when Raylus opened his eyes, Treandale was shocked to see that Raylus possessed The eye of the sky..for short Skyeye. This eye can remember what it sees like a photograph...this is Good for Fighting Studying his opponents techniques which means if he learned all of his opponents techniques he could block all of those attack and the opponent has no chance in in winning....End of chapter one...Thanks for Reading my story Please leave a Diamond and Subscribe for more!
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